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4'6 Double Mattresses

Double mattresses are one of the most popular sizes sold and they are manufactured in a range of different designs, here at Mattressman we have a vast range of quality double mattresses from some of the best suppliers in the country. We offer double mattresses that include memory foam, traditional springs and pocket springs and latex. We are certain you will be able to find the perfect double mattress to get the best night’s sleep you’ve had in a long time. Don’t forget that a night of sound sleep is very important to your health and general wellbeing so it should be given some thought as to what double mattress would best suit your needs.

As we have mentioned the importance of getting the right double mattress for you is crucial to help towards a healthy lifestyle, it’s also very important that the double mattress you buy is the correct size for your bed frame. There is a lot of information out there about double mattresses so it’s worth noting the following details when you begin shopping for your next one.

What size is a Double Mattress?

You will need to know the size of the mattress you are buying and the standard UK size for a double mattress is 137cm, or 4 foot 6 inches wide. It’s known as a 4’6” Double. It’s important to measure the space you have to make sure that a double mattress is the size you require and is appropriate for the size of bed frame you have. Please be aware that some European manufactured double beds are slightly different sizes, particularly frames from the popular supplies such as IKEA. Make sure that it is a double mattress you need and not a small double mattress or king size if the frame is bigger. The correct double mattress for you, can be the difference between a deep refreshing sleep and a nightmare of tossing and turning until the sun comes up. We here at Mattressman understand this importance and have gathered together a large range of possible double mattresses for you to choose from.

How to select the correct Double Mattress.

It’s really all about comfort levels and sleeping position. Roughly a third of the population either sleep on their stomach or on their backs, the majority two thirds sleep on their side. It’s important to know what position you sleep in so you are able to understand the kind of support you are going to need from your double mattress.

Side sleepers are more likely to look at getting a softer mattress that responds well to the various pressure points brought up by sleeping on your side. If you are sleeping on your back your double mattress is going to need to be a medium to a medium firm mattress in order to provide enough back alignment support. For all those who sleep on their front, a firm mattress will go a long way to helping prevent your upper body and hips from being at an uncomfortable unnatural position that would keep you from falling asleep.

A latex double mattress is becoming a popular choice for many people. These double mattresses have additional latex combined with more traditional materials such as foam to produce a natural elasticity to the bed, helping to keep your spine in the right position during the night. This additional latex allows the mattress to respond to your sleeping position and provide comfort and support while you sleep. If you often wake up with a sore-back a latex mattress could make all the difference, as it will respond to any movement by making sure that whatever position you end up sleeping in, the mattress offers you the best possible support.

A memory foam double mattress has very similar qualities to latex but has the added feature of being specially designed to respond to heat, so if you have a tendency to become warm while you sleep, these mattresses are worth serious consideration. The body hugging properties will soften and shape around your resting position to offer you the best possible support during your nights asleep.

Double Mattresses for couples

We know sleeping issues can cause unnecessary friction between couples as we all need a good nights’ sleep to function correctly. Selecting the correct double mattress for the both of you can be difficult if you both have different sleeping requirements. One option is to utilise our Zip and Link products where two singles can be seamlessly joined together to allow each partner to have their own mattress but still sleep in the same bed. We also suggest that if you are able to come in to one of our stores and try out a double mattress together, that is also a good measure of what can work for both of you. Let’s make sure the next double mattress you buy, gives the best nights’ sleep for the both of you to enjoy.