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How big is a double mattress?

One of the most popular sizes amongst our range, a double mattress is 135cm (4'6") wide and 190cm (6'3") long. If you've measured the bedroom you're looking to find a new mattress for and found you need either a smaller or bigger mattress, you can find our small double or king size range. Our extensive range of double mattresses include options for every kind of sleeper, helping you get the best night's sleep possible. Discover all of the types of double mattresses we stock, alongside what support tension and filling type is best for you and the way you sleep.

What types of double mattresses are available?

Pocket sprung

With the pocket sprung mattress type being one of our most popular options, our range of double pocket sprung mattresses is vast. Comprised of individually moving pocket springs, the mattress surface will move with the contours of your body and provide even weight distribution and total support. Because the pocket springs move independently of one another, it's great for couples who share a bed as partner disturbance is minimised.

Open coil

The traditional open coil spring system consists of a continuous spring that runs up and down the mattress spring unit, usually providing a firmer tension. Also, one of the easiest mattresses to manufacture, it's a superb budget option whilst still providing deep refreshing sleep.

Memory foam

Known for its body moulding qualities, memory foam provides fantastic comfort. Comprised of thousands of tiny holes, air seeps out when pressure is applied to allow the surface to move to the contours of your body. Because of the structure of memory foam, it is known for its heat retention. So, if you're a hot sleeper you may want to opt for a double mattress that has better temperature-regulating properties.


Latex mattresses are fantastic for supplying a bouncy, spongey sleeping surface similar to memory foam. However, unlike memory foam, a latex double mattress has an open cell structure and natural elasticity that makes for a much more breathable mattress. Also known for their unparalleled durability, latex mattresses are known for lasting over 10 years, much longer than any other mattress.


If you can't decide whether you want a sleeping solution with springs or foam, the best double mattress for you may be a hybrid. Combining either pocket springs or an open coil spring system with memory foam, latex or any other comfort layer, you can enjoy the support and benefits of two mattress types fused together.

What mattress firmness is right for me?

Depending on your preferred sleeping position, the tension required from a double mattress will differ in order to promote even weight distribution and good support for the upper body. Read below to find the right double mattress firmness for your sleeping position.

Soft and medium tension

For those preferred side sleepers, a soft mattress or medium support tension is best designed for the way you sleep. Providing extra cushioning for your shoulders and hips, a mattress on the soft end of the spectrum helps promote healthy spine alignment.

Firm and extra firm support

For those preferred front and back sleepers, a firmer sleeping solution will best support your spine whilst in these positions. If you suffer from a sore back or pain in your joints, an extra firm or an orthopaedic mattress may be better suited in order to adequately reinforce healthy spine alignment.

Medium firm tension

If you prefer to sleep in all sleeping positions, a medium firm option is the right mattress for you. Not too firm to support your spine whilst you sleep on your side, and not too soft to do the same whilst you sleep on your front or back.

What brands of double mattresses do you stock?

At Mattressman, the double mattress is our most popular mattress size. With a double bed for every sleeper included in our range, you can expect to see brands and manufacturers such as Silentnight, Sealy, Hypnos, Relyon, British Bed Company, Snuggle Beds, Sleepeezee, JAY-BE, SleepSoul alongside so many more. We're sure that you can find the perfect double mattress for you from one of these trusted brands.

What are the benefits of a double mattress?

There are many benefits to our range of double mattresses that can help provide the perfect night's sleep. If you want a simple delivery process, many mattresses today are vacuum-packed and delivered in a box, ensuring the double mattress is easy to manoeuvre. With micro-quilted, damask and removable covers, you can opt for a double mattress that is both soft and easy to clean. Handles, vents and rod edging help to manoeuvre your mattress easily, ensure the double mattress is breathable and provide edge-to-edge support respectively. With many quality mattresses incorporating these benefits, we're confident you can find the option that suits your sleeping requirements.