Metal bed frames can often be a source of noise, especially when they’re starting to get a bit older. Certainly, it can become a vast annoyance in your life when it’s left for long enough until you just can’t take it anymore. 

So, what do you do? We’re going to give you our top tips on how to stop your metal bed frame from squeaking…

Do metal bed frames squeak?

It’s no secret that metal bed frames, older ones in particular, suffer from squeaking problems. While the cause isn’t always clear, poor build quality is usually one of the major indications of a noisy bed frame. For context, a squeaking noise be triggered by material fatigue, loose bolts, or several other causes Thankfully, you can prevent this disturbance thanks to a few quick fixes.

How to stop a metal bed from squeaking?

Locate the source

There are several things you can try to attempt to eliminate those creaks. But firstly, it’s important to locate the source of the squeaking. You’ll have to remove the mattress off the bed, and then sit on all edges and corners of the frame to see where it’s coming from.

While doing this, be sure to pay close attention to your bed frame’s slats. Not all slats are created equally, and some may buckle under direct pressure. 

Tighten any loose screws

Once you have figured out where the squeaking is coming from, you’ve got some options to stop it. Sometimes it can be something as simple as a loose screw that is causing the annoying sounds. So, it’s a good idea to tighten up the screws in the area to see if it makes a difference. If it continues to squeak, or if you’re having a problem tightening the screw, use a washer to attempt to get it even tighter.

How Do You Stop A Metal Bed From Squeaking?

Lubricate affected joints

If your screws are tight and the noise persists, consider taking the affected joint apart completely so you can lubricate it. Where two parts meet to join, lubricate the surfaces, fasteners, and holes. Good lubricants will reduce the friction between two materials, thus preventing squeaking.

If you’re looking for lubricants, a quick home solution would be candle wax, but industrial lubricants from hardware stores may be more effective.

Check the box spring

It could actually be the mattress that is the problem. So, how do you stop a mattress from squeaking?

Add some padding on top of the slats of your bed frame. In order to prevent excessive friction between the mattress and the wood or metal bed frame, which may be the source of the terrible squeaking sounds, this forms a barrier between them.

Place padding on wooden floor

If you have a hardwood floor, then you may also need to consider the feet of the bed causing the creaking. They may be uneven, in which case, you’ll have to place padding underneath to stop any friction against the floor.

What if your bed continues to squeak?

These methods should stop your bed frame from squeaking, but if the noises return after a short period of time then it may be worth considering investing in a new bed frame. Sometimes older frames cannot be helped.

Squeak-proof bed combination

Wooden platform beds

Your best bet is a wooden platform bed. They are often very heavy and solid resulting in little movement of the frame meaning no squeaking. The extra box spring, which is made of squeaky metal springs, doesn’t exist on a wooden platform bed. You also get rid of the box spring’s metal support frame. When getting in and out of bed, platform beds don’t squeak.

Take a look at our selection of squeak-proof solid wooden beds here.

Memory foam mattress

Ditch your box spring and try out a memory foam mattress. This change should dramatically reduce any squeaking noise from any movement on the springs. Healthline outlines the differences between memory foam and spring mattresses and explains how ‘springs can sometimes make noise as you move around. Foam is quieter.’

Stop the squeaking with Mattressman

If you do all these steps but are still having no luck, it might be time for a new bed. Struggling to find a good replacement? Here at Mattressman, we can help. Browse our huge selection of bed frames, including metal, wooden, fabric, leather and more today (but we’ll understand if you’ve gone slightly off metal beds now).