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The Best Tips For Students And Sleeping

Going to university for the first time is certainly a daunting time, but if you’re fully prepared with all your home comforts then you’ll be an unstoppable force in your academics, societies and social situations.

For those who are off to stay in halls (of residence) or other student housing, you will want to make your generic room more of a piece of you. Besides the obvious past signs of blue tack marks all over the walls, you don’t know how many people have stayed in your room prior to you. That’s why we would advise that you take a mattress protector, as you probably don’t want a single sheet separating you from the mattress that has been used by several strangers before you.


You can take it a step further, as the quality of mattresses in halls is infamously known to have much to be desired. How are you going to jump out of bed ready for lectures (or even go to sleep after a night out) if you can feel the scratchy springs through the material? You could bring a small mattress topper or invest in an Uno mattress which is delivered rolled up for extra convenience. Some mattresses from this range are below £100, so it’s definitely worth the consideration.

When it comes to pillows and duvets, there is the temptation to take the ones that you already have in your bedroom at home (if your parents would allow them!). However, that means you would have to lug it home and back for Christmas, Easter, summer and the like. So it’s probably a good idea to invest in a new duvet and a couple of pillows so it can stay put at university for three years or more.

Lastly, to liven up your new room at university, you can get some fresh new bed sheets, duvet covers and pillowcases. It’s important to have a crisp and comfortable bed set up when moving to a completely new city, so it’s certainly worth preparing for it. A comfy bed will certainly be appreciated even more when you can easily get up fresh for lectures, hanging out with new friends, and most importantly, when you get in from a night out.

So there you have it, our valuable university tips which will place you at a practical advantage over your fellow students. Now all that’s left to say is… don’t forget to wake up for your lectures!

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