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What are strutted headboards?

A strutted headboard features two reinforced struts, essentially two thin pillars of wood, to easily attach the headboard securely to a divan bed base.

What is the difference between a strutted headboard and floor standing headboards?

As the name suggests, floorstanding headboards stand separately from the bed, whereas a strutted headboard is attached to a divan bed base via the reinforced struts.

Are slatted headboards any different to strutted headboards?

A slatted headboard is simply a headboard style; a strutted headboard can feature a slatted design.

Can a strutted headboard only fit a divan base?

Yes, a strutted headboard is solely designed to fit a divan base.

What different types of strutted headboards does Mattressman feature?

Upholstered headboards

Every upholstered headboard in our strutted headboard range is upholstered in premium fabrics.

Faux leather

For the premium benefits of a leather headboard at a more affordable price, opt for a faux leather headboard. Moreover, faux leather headboards are easy to clean and maintain.


An upholstered headboard offers a soft-to-the-touch feel and elegant style in equal measure.

Buttoned headboards

Our buttoned headboards offer deep, ample rows of buttoning accumulating in a stylish and contemporary headboard.

What sizes of strutted headboards does Mattressman feature?

Our strutted headboards are available in small single, single, small double, double, king size and super king size.

Apart from style, what are the benefits of strutted headboards?

Easily attach the headboard securely to a divan base

Strutted headboards are renowned for the ease with which they can attach to a divan base, ensuring a stress-free and seamless assemblement.

Neck and back support

So much of our time is spent sitting upright in bed, from breakfast in bed to watching television and everything in between, or bed is utilised for much more than just sleep. Upholstered headboards offer sufficient support to the neck and back to ensure a comfortable rest.

Wall protection

If the head of the bed is placed against the wall, a headboard serves as a barrier physical barrier between the bed frame and the wall; this ensures sufficient wall protection when sitting and leaning against the headboard.

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