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What are winged style bed frames?

This term refers to the bed's headboard which features curved pillars on either side of the unit to imitate the style and look of wings. This can include an attached headboard or a floorstanding headboard that can be removed from the bed.

What types of beds are available with winged style bed frames?

Here at Mattressman, our extensive range of winged style bed frames are upholstered in soft-to-the-touch, plush fabric.

Ottoman storage bed frame

An Ottoman storage bed frame includes an integrated storage system within the base of the bed. Thanks to the beautiful winged finish and the sumptuous fabric upholstery, our range of Ottoman winged style bed frames blur the lines between practicality and style.

What colours of winged style bed frames are available?

With a plethora of beautiful and glamorous colours ranging from silver plain plush velvet and cream plain plush velvet to royal blue, teal, and everything in between, Mattressman features your dream winged bed frame.

What brands of winged style beds does Mattressman feature?

To ensure our customers receive a fantastic night's sleep, Mattressman only feature brands whose products are renowned for their quality and durability; with a plethora of brands to choose from, including LPD, Birlea and GFW, you'll be sure to find your dream winged bed here at Mattressman.

What is the importance of a headboard?

Whether it's a floorstanding headboard or a panel design headboard, a headboard is a fantastic addition to the bed. Not merely renowned for its style, a headboard helps protect the longevity and durability of your bed.

Prevents wall damage

If your bed is placed directly against the wall, a headboard is a barrier that prevents your bed's edges and corners from rubbing against the wall.

Keeps pillows secure

A headboard prevents your pillows from falling between your bed and the wall; as trivial as this may seem, it can become frustrating if it happens regularly.

Provides extra head and back support

A headboard provides extra height to the bed and can therefore be utilised as a comfortable seat.

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