We all sleep differently- whether you like to dangle your leg out of bed or steal the duvet off your partner whenever an opportune moment arises, we all have our individual sleep habits. Something that often causes debate is how many pillows you should sleep on. More often than not, people will sleep with one or more pillows, however- is a pillow compulsory? Our blog explores this topic in greater detail. 

Should I Sleep Without A Pillow?

So, should I sleep without a pillow?

Similar to how your sleeping position affects what mattress is the best fit, further information can be found in our What Mattress Tension Do I Need? blog; your sleeping position will also determine if it’s feasible to sleep without a pillow. We would always recommend using pillows, regardless of your sleeping position, to support the sleeper’s neck and upper back when resting. 

However, if you opt against a pillow, it’s best to sleep on your front, with the absence of a pillow potentially helping to keep your spine in alignment. Conversely, side and back sleepers could experience neck pain due to their head being out of alignment with their spine. 

Should I Sleep Without A Pillow?

Is there such a thing as too many pillows?

Apart from the odd sleeper who goes one step further and seemingly lies on a mountain of pillows, most of us either sleep with one or two pillows. Any more than two pillows is advised against as it could counteract the intention of the pillow – to provide proper spinal alignment, meaning the head, neck and spine all align in a straight line.

We’d also advise not falling into the trap of sleeping on lots of old and worn pillows to replicate the same sensation as one or two suitable ones. Check out our Caring For Your Pillows blog for top tips on how to look after your pillows; alternatively, if your pillows are no longer providing the comfort and support they once did, we recommend investing in new bedding as in addition to an increasing risk of neck, shoulder and upper back pain, you may find that your pillow smells or causes you to sneeze frequently

Should I Sleep Without A Pillow?

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