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What is a bed frame with solid slats?

Solid slats lay flat across the width of your bed base, providing firm support for your mattress. Constructed from a strong, sturdy solid wood such as oak, beech or pine, a solid slatted base is designed to make your mattress firmer. There is no flexibility in solid bed slats, meaning these slatted bases accentuate the firmer feel of your mattress. For example, if you have a softer or medium mattress, solid slats will make it feel firmer than it is. Depending on your mattress type, solid slats are also a brilliant choice to minimise sleep disturbance and minimise feeling your partner move around at night.

How do they compare to sprung slats?

Sprung slats function the opposite when compared to solid slats; they are curved upward, supplying a slight bounce for your mattress, ideal for softer and medium tension sleeping solutions.

What types of bed frames include solid slats?

Here at Mattressman, we stock a wide variety of bed frames with solid and sprung slats. Here, we describe all the types of solid slatted bed bases available in our range.

Wooden beds

Wooden beds are trendy due to their versatility. The quality of our wooden bed frames is unparalleled, providing sturdy support for many years and is the ultimate combination with the perfect mattress. Our collection showcases a variety of styles, including low or high footends, natural or painted wood, and an array of headboard designs.

Fabric beds

We have plenty of fabric upholstered beds in our solid slats range. You can find the style that matches your preferences, as our fabric beds vary in colour, material, headboard design and more.

Metal beds

The versatility of metal beds is remarkable, varying from quintessentially classic to contemporary styles. Our traditional metal beds showcase typical features such as finials on each corner, whilst our modern options boast geometric or unique structures. No matter what you prefer, you can find what you're looking for in this collection.

Faux leather beds

One of the most straightforward beds to clean and look after, faux leather strikes the perfect balance between comfort and minimalist style. Most of our faux leather options incorporate sprung slats; however, we do showcase bed frames that can provide that firm feel.

Ottoman beds

Opting for a bed that includes storage is excellent for homes with limited storage solutions. Ottomans incorporate a hydraulic gas piston system that facilitates the mattress's support when you access the under bed storage. Underneath the bed, you have ample storage as wide and long as the bed itself. So, why not make use of a furnishing that would otherwise be there, and transform it into storage too? Our ottoman solid wooden slats range includes upholstered or wooden options, showcasing versatile styles that will match your existing furniture and aesthetic.


Divan does not include a typical solid slatted bed base, instead incorporating a solid mesh base that acts similarly. The firm surface ensures your mattress has durable support appropriate for any weight.

Kids beds

Most of our kid's beds incorporate solid slats in their designs, ensuring your child receives steady support to aid their growth. For your child's safety, our tall kid's beds have a side rail too. From cabin beds, bunk beds, mid or high sleepers and imaginative options, many include storage solutions.

What are the sizes available with solid slatted bed bases?

We have a solid slatted bed base in almost all standard UK sizes. Including single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm), so you can find the bed frame that matches your space perfectly.

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