The likelihood is that a baby will spend more time asleep than they’re awake; whilst their daily sleep varies, a baby will spend anywhere between 8 hours up to 18 hours asleep; it is, therefore, crucial that your baby is dressed appropriately in their cot. 

What Should Babies Wear To Sleep?

What is the risk of a room that is either too hot or cold?

A baby overheating, caused by a room that is too hot or too many layers of clothing or contrastingly a baby that is too cold, can lead to sudden infant death syndrome/ However, sudden death infant syndrome is a rarity, and the risk of a baby dying is low with a suitable sleeping environment, so please do not over-worry about this. Continue reading for tips and advice on creating optimal sleeping conditions for your little one and what factors to consider. 

Consider the temperature of the room 

First and foremost, it’s important to check the room’s temperature; ideal temperatures for a baby sleeping are between 16° and 20°. It’s worth considering a baby room thermometer to ensure the room is fit. 

Opt for simple

The temptation to dress your newborn in a hat and gloves when they’re sleeping is understandable; after all, you want to ensure your baby is snug and comfortable. However, this can have a detrimental effect on their sleep. Whereas a child or adult may opt for layer after layer of blankets and duvets to keep warm in the winter, this doesn’t apply to babies; consequently, duvets and blankets aren’t suitable for babies. A vest and a sleepsuit are all that are required for temperatures between 16° and 20°. 

What Should Babies Wear To Sleep?

Avoid hats 

Avoid dressing your little one in a hat for bedtime, even in winter, as this can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome

What else can be done to prevent SIDS?

Avoid sleeping on a bed, sofa or armchair with your baby and avoid being in a room where your baby is exposed to cigarette smoke to reduce the risk of SIDS. Moreover, it’s recommended that you let your baby sleep in a cot or Moses basket in the same room as you for the first 6 months.

How can I tell if my baby is too hot at night?

The leading indicators that your baby is too hot can be flushed or red skin, a rapid heartbeat or fast breathing. If your little one experiences any of these symptoms, reconsider their sleeping environment to ensure a peaceful and supportive rest. 

Consider the suitability of your baby’s cot mattress

The importance of a safe, durable and comfortable cot is of equal measure to a baby’s clothes, our extensive range of cot mattresses is designed and manufactured to provide your little one with the basis for the perfect night’s sleep. With an array of supportive and practical features, such as; waterproof covers to combat bedtime accidents, and hypoallergenic fillings to prevent the presence of dust mites, Mattressman has your little one’s interests at heart. Moreover, all of our cot mattresses are foam free and therefore prevent your baby from exposure to a mattress that contains potentially harmful compounds. Memory foam also has strong heat rentention properties, so removing this element from their sleeping environment ensures better scope for temperature regulation.