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Latex Mattresses

Latex, an innovative material whose structure includes millions of tiny air bubbles which adapt to the exact contours and shapes of your body when you move. Often compared to memory foam, it does maintain some of the same properties of the material. For example, it provides undisturbed sleep by being completely noise-free, promotes air circulation and is very breathable and durable.

Generally, a latex tree takes 500 days to produce enough latex to make a single mattress. A lengthy process means that the cost is often passed onto the consumer, however they’re said to be some of the most durable mattresses when compared to pocket sprung, open coil and even memory foam mattresses. Overall, this makes them much better value.

Because it takes to long to produce enough latex, it’s understandable that there are environmental concerns that lay with this. Having said this, many latex plantations are sustainable and the great thing about them is that they aren’t cut down after extraction. The trees can produce latex for decades, potentially making it the more environmentally-friendly option amongst other mattress choices!

We stock latex mattresses from manufacturers that have pioneered their own techniques such as Dunlopillo, Sealy and the Shire Bed Company. Some of these mattresses have gone above and beyond, having been recognised for Which? Best Buy and Good Housing Institute awards. Such mattresses have a high level of quality to be commended with such awards. Browse through our selection today...