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How a natural latex mattress is produced

Latex foam mattresses are produced using natural materials from rubber trees. The latex sap from the trees is whipped up and baked into foam, creating natural latex mattresses with a bouncy, breathable composition. For a single latex mattress alone, it can take up to 500 days for one rubber tree to produce enough latex. The sensation that latex in mattresses offers has drawn similarities with memory foam; further information is detailed below.

Similar to a memory foam mattress?

Latex mattresses possess many of the same qualities as memory foam and other foam mattresses. Memory foam can mould to the contours of your body shape as the material consists of millions of tiny holes, which seep out air and conform around the area where pressure is applied. Because all air escapes from a memory foam mattress surface, it has strong heat retention properties that can cause you to feel hot throughout the night. Latex mattresses are similar, yet the latex layer features a bouncier feel than memory foam's 'sink-in' feeling. Because a latex mattress is bouncier, it has increased air circulation and natural cooling properties paving the way for enhanced sleep quality.

Due to the composition of a natural latex mattress, they are known to be fantastic hypoallergenic options, much like memory foam mattresses. The cell structure makes it incredibly difficult for dust mites to pass through, helping those affected by hay fever to get restful sleep. The best latex mattresses, such as the wonderful options within our range, will offer superb comfort and support whilst boasting fantastic temperature control qualities. 

Other benefits of natural latex

Latex foam is recognised as a naturally durable cushioning material. The natural materials are designed to last for over 10 years, making latex mattresses an option that's worth investing in. The durable bounciness of a latex mattress means it always returns to its original shape quickly. This is fantastic for relieving pressure points such as joints, shoulders, hips and the back. The unparalleled pressure relief of natural latex mattresses goes above their memory foam and pocket sprung counterparts as their longevity is much more substantial.

What mattress tensions does our collection include?

Your sleeping position will go a long way to determining which mattress firmness is suitable for you.

Side sleeping

Soft and medium mattresses are ideally suited to side sleepers; these mattresses feature a sleeping surface that is soft enough to provide cushioned hip and shoulder support. For front and back sleepers, these mattress types aren't recommended as they're not firm enough to sufficiently distribute weight and support the spine.

All positions

If you're keen for your new latex bed to support various positions, consider a mattress with a medium firm tension. This mattress type provides the perfect balance between a surface soft enough to support side sleeping yet firm enough to accommodate sleeping on their front and back.

Front and back sleeping

Firm and extra firm mattresses are ideally suited for front and back sleepers, ensuring body weight is evenly distributed, and the spine receives adequate support. If you're actively looking for your new mattress to soothe minor aches and pains, consider an extra firm tension. 

Brands of latex mattresses

There are numerous brands that produce natural latex mattresses, namely Sealy, Relyon, Hypnos and Rest Assured. However, Dunlopillo mattresses are entirely dedicated to organic latex mattresses, with their entire range showcasing the brilliance of the natural material. At Mattressman, we're confident you can find the best latex mattress for you as we feature a range of mattress firmnesses. There truly is an option for everyone from our range of latex mattresses. What's more, with affordable prices and a convenient delivery process, your latex material mattress is within easy reach.

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