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What size is a European single mattress?

A European single mattress is very similar to a standard UK single. Instead, European-size mattresses are slightly longer at 90 x 200cm. By comparison, UK single mattresses are 90 x 190cm.

Suppose you're looking to order an EU single mattress. In that case, you may have to order a custom-size divan to accommodate the extra 10cm. All our mattresses, as part of the UK standard range, are compatible with our bed frames, designed for UK sizes.

What types of European single mattresses do we stock?

Our versatile European mattresses are available in various mattress compositions, so every sleeper can find the one that works. Please continue to read below to discover the attributes of each mattress type.

Pocket springs

A popular choice of bed, pocket springs are affordable, comfortable and offer fantastic longevity. Body contouring pocket springs respond to your sleeping position because each moves independently, promoting healthy spine alignment all night. A pocket sprung mattress can be paired with natural fillings or hypoallergenic fibres so that everyone can enjoy a comfortable night's sleep on a great bed.

Open coil springs

Our open coil European-sized mattresses comprise a continuous coil spring, often a brilliant budget option. They are most effective when offering firmer support. Otherwise, they are known to provide poor motion isolation. Due to this, the entire sleeping surface shifts when someone moves in the bed, which could be better for couples who share a bed.

Memory foam mattress

Our EU single mattresses range also includes memory foam, a prevalent choice for many sleepers. It's one of the most effective sleeping surfaces to mould your body shape and provide pressure relief to your joints and pressure points. Applying pressure to the sleeping surface allows the mattress to respond to your sleeping position, returning to its original shape when pressure is removed. There's minimal airflow, and a memory foam mattress can retain your body heat very well, which we recommend hot sleepers avoid. Reflex foam is similar to memory foam mattresses but is slightly cheaper and more breathable.

Hybrid mattress

Are you stuck on what mattress is right for you? Our European-size mattress range also includes hybrid options. Combining pocket springs and a comfort layer such as memory foam, natural latex or Geltex, hybrid mattresses are the ideal solution to benefit from superior support and comfort. They are often available at a much more affordable price than an all-foam or all-latex mattress whilst taking advantage of all the benefits.

What firmness ratings are included in the European single range?

There's something for every sleeper in Mattressman's European single mattresses range. Choosing the proper mattress support for you comes down to your preferred sleeping position, which is crucial for attaining the best night's sleep. Our European single mattresses do not include soft or extra firm ratings.


A medium European mattress can cushion pressure points like the hips and shoulders for preferred side sleepers. This mattress's firmness allows your spine to rest in a healthy position all night, ensuring you receive total body support.

Medium firm

Who are medium firm European single mattresses suitable for? Suppose you sleep on your back or stomach and side throughout the night. In that case, a medium firm mattress supports your body, no matter your sleeping position. It's not too firm for side sleeping or too soft for back or stomach sleeping.


On the other end of the spectrum, firmer beds are most appropriate for back and stomach sleepers. A firm mattress can provide ample support for healthy spine alignment when sleeping in these positions, helping you feel refreshed and rejuvenated.

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