Replacing your mattress is often a task we put off until we can’t bear the thought of yet another uncomfortable night’s sleep. For weeks or months, we put a new mattress on the bottom of the priorities list because of how expensive it could cost, or we endure discomfort in the hope that the mattress will miraculously improve itself. However, finding a suitable mattress is essential for better sleep quality and quantity. In this blog, we outline the reasons why you should replace a sagging mattress. 

Why You Should Replace A Sagging Mattress? 

How do I know if my mattress is sagging?

A key indication of a sagging mattress is if you wake in the morning experiencing minor aches and pains. These discomforts are likely to be caused by either an unsuitable or a worn and poor-quality mattress; below, we outline the differences.

A sagging mattress

First and foremost, it’s important not to mistake body impressions as sag. Generally, any dip larger than two inches deep is considered a sagging mattress, whereas a dip less than two inches in a mattress is perfectly normal. 

More often than not, you’ll be able to identify if your mattress is sagging simply by its appearance. Alternatively, if you can feel the innerspring system poking you throughout the night or you can feel the bed slats beneath the mattress, these are telling signs that it’s time to upgrade your mattress. 

Don’t be alarmed by mattress settlement 

Settlement is common among new mattresses and isn’t a sign of an inadequate mattress. Mattress settlement refers to the process where the fillings of a mattress compress and ‘settle’ into position. It’s important to allow a period of adjustment for your new mattress for the internal layers to align. Further insight into mattress settlement can be found in our What is mattress settlement? blog.

Why You Should Replace A Sagging Mattress? 

An unsuitable mattress

Buying a mattress should be the result of plenty of research and consideration, as your sleeping position is the most significant factor in determining which mattress type is the ideal fit. For instance, the most luxurious and premium mattress could be perceived as uncomfortable if it’s unsuitable for your sleeping requirements. 

Always keep in mind the mattress’s tension and your sleeping position when browsing our collection. For side sleepers, we recommend soft or medium mattresses; for those who change positions throughout the night, a medium firm mattress is ideal, and for front and back sleepers, opt for a firm or extra firm mattress. Further information regarding mattress tensions and how to settle on the perfect mattress can be found here

So, why do I need to replace a sagging mattress?

In short, a new mattress will likely mean better support and comfort levels. If your mattress dips, receiving adequate spinal support is difficult, increasing the risk of back pain. With this in mind, it’s important to start the day as best as possible, feeling refreshed and reinvigorated after a good night’s sleep. 

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