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What is a combination wardrobe?

As the name suggests, a combination wardrobe, commonly referred to as a 'combi wardrobe', is a wardrobe that incorporates a range of storage solutions such as drawers and shelves in addition to the hanging space behind the doors. Such is its versatility and wide range of storage offerings, a combination wardrobe is often regarded as the complete bedroom furniture. Here at Mattressman, we're on the same page as you and realise the importance of suitable bedroom furniture, showcasing an extensive collection; you'll be sure to discover your dream wardrobe and create your perfect set-up.

How can I find the right combination wardrobe for me?

Aside from the bed, the wardrobe is likely to occupy the greatest space in your bedroom, and it's therefore crucial that your wardrobe is suitable for your room. In addition, it's important to consider the furniture in regard to your current set-up instead of standalone furniture. For example, consider your bedroom's style and whether your preferred wardrobe matches the room's aesthetic. Size is also an important consideration and whether your room is large enough to accommodate your preferred option.

Finally, before settling on a specific wardrobe, assess what it is you require; if you own various outfits, a larger wardrobe is necessary, whereas a compact and slight wardrobe is ideal if your clothing range is small. Fortunately, our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters to narrow your search.

Search by the number of drawers

Drawers are ideally suited to any clothing that doesn't require hanging up. Varying from a single drawer to five drawers, find the ideal wardrobe to suit your clothing storage requirements.

Search by the number of doors

Often it's a case whereby the greater number of doors equates to a wider wardrobe; therefore, it's important to consider the available space in your bedroom before deciding how many doors your ideal wardrobe requires.

Search by style

Our website conveniently categorises our collection into modern and traditional styles. So whether it's a sleek, minimalist style or a rustic, quaint wardrobe you're looking for; Mattressman caters to your style requirements.

Search by type

If the inclusion of a mirror is a deal-breaker, then search our range of mirrored combination wardrobes that adopt the form of a preparation area.

What brands does our collection showcase?

To ensure high quality and durability, we only feature renowned and trusted brands such as Julian Bowen and Birlea.

Free next working day delivery service

Our in-stock items qualify for free next-working-day delivery (8.00 am – 6.00 pm), reiterating our commitment to affordability.

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