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What are traditional spring open coil mattresses?

Open coil mattresses or a traditional spring mattress are characterised by the composition of the spring unit. Made from a continuous coil of wire, it runs horizontally across the mattress and forms springs using the same wire throughout the whole mattress. Forming the open coil spring system, the wire is often referred to in terms of 'gauge', signalling the thickness and therefore the durability of the wire and metal springs. Our ranges of open coil mattresses feature a variety of mattress firmness ratings, including soft, medium, firm, extra firm, and medium firm. 

What is the difference when compared to pocket sprung mattresses?

Pocket spring mattresses are very different to open coil mattresses. As explained above, an open coil mattress consists of one continuous coil. A pocket sprung mattress is comprised of hundreds of individual pocket springs encased in their own fabric pocket, with each spring moving independently of one another. Because open coil springs cannot move individually, pocket sprung mattresses offer excellent support with the mattress surface being able to move to the contours of your body shape. 

What are the benefits of an open coil mattress?

Traditional spring mattresses are great budget options. Because they are cheap and easy to manufacture, that is reflected in their price point. What's more, an open coil mattress makes for a fantastic orthopaedic mattress. With many manufacturers ensuring the open coil spring system is very rigid, this makes for a perfect mattress for people who prefer to sleep on their back or stomach. This is because such a sleeping position requires a firm sleeping surface, and an open coil mattress like this can support your body weight, relieve pressure especially to pressure points such as the hips, back and joints. 
Many of our open coil spring mattresses are combined with a memory foam layer to create a hybrid mattress. An open coil mattress with memory foam allows you to benefit from the support of the open coil spring system and the comfort of body-moulding memory foam. 
Brands that feature traditional spring mattresses
Find the open spring mattress right for you amongst our wide variety of brands that produce these great mattresses. Featuring brands like Sealy, JAY-BE, Snuggle Beds, British Bed Company, Relyon, Healthopaedic and Shire Beds.