If you know that a metal bed is a style that fits with your aesthetic and bedroom style, you want to find one that really makes the bed the focal point of the room. So, what metal bed should you buy? Before delving into your search, there are a few things you may want to consider before going ahead with your choice…

What size bed do you need?

The best way to determine what size bed you can go for is by measuring your room. You don’t want to purchase a bed frame that is either too big or small for your room or when combined with other bedroom furnishings like a bedside table. Here are the standard sizes for each bed frame:

  • Small single: 2’6”, 76cm
  • Single: 3’, 91cm
  • Small double: 4’, 121cm
  • Double: 4’6”, 137cm
  • King size: 5’, 152cm
  • Super king: 6’ 182cm

What’s your budget?

Before you start shopping around, you may have a figure in mind of how much you want to spend on your new metal bed. Having a rough price point in mind, as well as the bed frame size you wish to opt for, is a great way to narrow your search and find a metal bed that meets your requirements.

Bedroom style

Are you going to keep your existing furniture? If so, it’s important to keep these bedroom furnishings in mind when searching for a metal bed. Finding a style that’s cohesive with your current furnishings is essential for emphasising the bed as the focal point of the room. If you’re going to get new furniture, perhaps you want to consider purchasing a bedroom set for a cohesive, connected style.

What metals are bed frames made from?

Metal beds can be made of anything from genuine brass to nickel, alloy metals with various finishes such as chrome or painted. Alloys can be a combination of iron, steel and nickel. When bed frames are formed they usually go through a powder coating process, which essentially entails extremely fine ground particles being sprayed onto surfaces then baked in a high temperature. This refrains the bed frame from rusting and strengthens it to be extremely durable. Finishes are applied after to give the bed frame to emphasise a particular style.

What styles of metal bed are there?

Do you prefer a traditional or contemporary aesthetic? Luckily with metal bed frames, there are a plethora of stylistic choices you can make. Take a look at some modern and cottage-cosy styles we’ve picked out below.

Metal beds are extremely popular choices of bed frames, and this is largely down to the fact of how durable they are. However, caring for your bed frame properly is the only way to ensure that its longevity is maintained.