100 years of innovating sleep

JAY-BE Buying Guide

Founded in Yorkshire over 100 years ago, JAY-BE’s products have developed and evolved to the extraordinary level they are today. In constantly looking for ways to improve their sleeping solutions, JAY-BE has quickly become one of the most sustainable and innovative brands in the industry. From award-winning technologies and materials, it’s no wonder why they’re one of the most trusted to provide mattresses to all age ranges, body types and sleepers. Read on to find out about the fantastic qualities that make JAY-BE the brand they are today.

Folding bed masters

Renowned for their original and exceptional guest beds, you can rely on JAY-BE to provide quality and innovation insurmountable to other manufacturers. Their unique folding design is easy to fold away and store, many of which have wheels to easily manoeuvre to wherever you’d like to use or put away. What’s more, all of JAY-BE’s folding beds include sumptuous mattresses, the element that often misses the mark in other brands of folding beds. This will ensure your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep away from their own bed.

JAY-BE Buying Guide

Sustainability at the heart

Forward-thinking eco-conscious manufacturers, JAY-BE were awarded the British Furniture Manufacturer Best Bed in the industry’s first independently authenticated eco-mattress. Since then, they’ve taken huge strides in becoming a zero-landfill mattress producer, and place huge importance on preserving habitats and biodiversity through reducing their waste, CO2 emissions, water and land use. 

JAY-BE Buying Guide

Their ranges include a variety of eco-friendly materials, including their pioneering e-Fibres that cause 90% less CO2 emissions and use 99% less water and land space when compared to cotton fibres. Their eco-initiatives also require that all wood used in their products is harvested from traceable, ethically sourced and approved sustainable sources.

Unparalleled children’s bed range

JAY-BE understand that a healthy sleeping environment is essential for a child’s growth and development. Incorporating a range of spring types into their children’s range, there’s one constant that remains throughout: they use sustainable materials that are 100% foam-free. Foam mattresses are often associated with chemical manufacturing and emissions, which is exactly why JAY-BE has excluded them from any child mattress option. 

JAY-BE also include innovative Purotex treated materials, which is a technology that’s 100% natural probiotic and can help regulate temperature as well as deter a build-up of dust mites.

Multi-award winning brand

Over a span of 30 years, JAY-BE has been the recipient of multiple awards across a variety of categories, from manufacturing to best furniture to inspiring businesses.

JAY-BE Buying Guide


Many of JAY-BE’s products are vacuum-packed for extra-convenient delivery. Reducing their mattresses packed size by 70%, it’s incredibly easy for you to manoeuvre your new sleeping solution to your desired bedroom. Once inside your bedroom, simply unpack and allow it to return to its original size, easy!

JAY-BE Buying Guide