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What are sprung slats?

The type of slats you have on your bed frame affects the comfort level of your mattress. Sprung slats tend to be slightly curved, arching upwards and made from flexible premium beech wood. Sprung slats increase your bed's longevity as the arched slats are designed to provide cushioned support. If you want your mattress to adequately support you as you sleep, your mattress also needs gentle support from the bed slats. Because of the arch in the sprung slats, these bed frames tend to have a centre support rail and will include two columns of slats.

How does it differ from a solid slatted bed base?

Solid slats differ from sprung slats as they don't have an arch in the structure and are simply solid or flat. A solid slatted base is excellent for anyone with a firm bed because it accentuates this firmness level. However, if your mattress is softer, solid slats will make your bed feel firmer than it is. In this case, you should opt for a sprung slatted bed base.

What kinds of slatted bed frames do we stock?

All our bed frames incorporating sprung slats are versatile, and we're confident you can find the option that matches your style aesthetic. Below, we explain all the types of we offer in our range.

Metal bed

Metal beds are typically traditional frames, yet many manufacturers produce stunning modern versions. So whether you're looking for the classic finials on your headboard or a contemporary take on the metal bed, our extensive range includes several sprung slatted bed bases.

Wooden bed

Whether you're looking for a quintessential or the latest aesthetic, we stock an option that fits either category in our wooden sprung bed collection. Choose between a low or high foot end, a shaker-style or modern headboard, painted wood or natural wood; there are many combinations to choose from. Some of the natural woods included in our range are solid oak, pine, rubberwood and many more. Moreover, wooden beds are brilliant for matching your current bedroom furniture.

Fabric bed

One of the most popular bed frames in the industry, our upholstered sprung slatted bed frames offer a cosy yet contemporary style. Our collection includes various materials, headboards and colour choices, so you can be sure to find the bed that matches your style.

Faux leather bed

Our faux leather bed range has many benefits, namely their contemporary but minimalist style. Faux leather is also effortless to clean whilst offering a comfy headboard too.

Ottoman bed frame

If your home is short on storage, an ottoman bed frame could be the way for you to go. Why not enjoy a sprung slatted bed base that offers storage too? A gas piston system is designed to suspend the mattress in the air, exposing ample under-bed storage as big as the length and width of the bed frame. Some ottoman designs will include extra support attached to the centre rail to ensure the bed frame is sturdy and will be around for many years.

What are the sizes of slatted bed frames available?

You won't be limited by size when choosing a bed frame from our range with sprung slats. We stock most standard UK sizes, including single (90 x 190cm), small double (120 x 190cm), double (135 x 190cm), king size (150 x 200cm) and super king size (180 x 200cm). Please note that these are the sizes of mattresses that the bed frames accommodate, and each bed can differ in size due to variations in design. To discover the specific dimensions of each bed frame with sprung slats, click on the tab at the bottom of the product page.

Why should I purchase with Mattressman?

Are you looking for your next sprung slatted bed base? Shopping with Mattressman is a convenient and straightforward experience, from our super speedy delivery to mattress and bed frame recycling service. We can deliver as soon as the next working day if the item is in-stock in our warehouse. However, you can still expect speedy delivery from our trusted suppliers too. Moreover, we can remove your old bed frame and mattress when delivering your new one, making your bed purchase so easy. For £30.00 per item, we will transport and properly recycle your old sleeping solution, so you can rest well knowing they aren't deteriorating in a landfill for decades.

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