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Who will benefit from zero motion transfer?

People who share a bed with a partner will benefit most from a mattress with minimal motion transfer. Suppose you sleep on a bed with poor measures to prevent motion transfer. In that case, you'll likely be frequently disturbed throughout the night when your partner moves around, especially for light sleepers in need of uninterrupted sleep. You won't feel their movement with a motion-isolating mattress and enjoy endless undisturbed sleep.

What are the best mattresses for minimal motion transfer?

Pocket sprung mattresses

The pocket sprung mattress is one of our most popular premium mattress options that minimises motion transfer. Containing anywhere from several hundred to thousands of individually wrapped pocket springs, this type of mattress has brilliant motion isolation because the springs move independently of one another. Therefore when the springs are moulding to your body shape on one side of the bed, the movements will not be felt from the other side.

Pocket spring mattresses are versatile as they can be paired with hypoallergenic or natural fillings. These are available in all firmness tensions and are appropriate for many preferred sleeping positions.

Memory foam mattresses

A memory foam mattress is known for its motion isolation, thanks to its structure. Memory foam mattresses adapt to your body shape when you apply pressure to the surface, meaning the bed won't feel movement from the opposite end. Pressure-relieving memory foam will be consistent throughout its layers if it's an all-foam mattress. This will help to aid even weight distribution and a good night's sleep.

We recommend you opt for a gel foam mattress for any hot sleepers. You can still benefit from all the body-moulding properties, but it is much more effective for temperature regulation. This is because memory foam mattresses tend to have minimal breathability and airflow, despite their good motion isolation. To find the best memory foam mattress for you, follow these tips, and you'll find the option that will give you the most comfortable sleeping environment.

Gel foam mattresses

Mirroring many of the same qualities as other memory foam mattresses, you can rely on gel foam to regulate your temperature at night. Often paired with pocket springs, many all-foam mattress options utilise gel foam layers infusing materials like bamboo or graphite for their cooling properties. Several Nectar mattress options have used graphite-infused gel foam. They offer a 365-night trial period, so you can decide whether gel foam is the right mattress for you.

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress is excellent for anyone who wants to enjoy the support of a spring unit and the comfort of traditional memory foam or gel foam layers. Such modern beds can comprise a variety of mattress materials. However, pairing some mattress types may not ensure minimal motion transfer. For this reason, we recommend hybrid mattresses that use either memory foam or gel foam pocket springs.

Which mattresses should I avoid if I share a bed with a partner?

Open coil mattresses

Innerspring or open coil spring units are made from one wire that comprises the entire system. The spring unit is made from a continuous coil, so movements can be felt throughout the mattress. If you share an open coil bed with a partner, sleep disturbances resulting from switching sleep positions or getting up will occur more frequently. This will undoubtedly be an issue if you're a light sleeper.

Latex mattresses

Natural latex mattresses are praised for many reasons, primarily due to their breathability, durability and efficient support. However, whilst they are often compared to memory foam mattresses, natural latex is much bouncier. It does not offer the exact body-moulding adaption as memory foam. Because of this, latex mattresses aren't the most effective options for reducing motion transfer.

Will a mattress topper help with motion transfer?

A memory foam mattress topper in isolation is highly effective in offering pressure relief and minimal motion transfer. However, when you place a mattress topper over an inefficient mattress for motion transfer, as the preceding section discusses, the motion isolation of the mattress topper will become redundant.

Does mattress firmness affect motion transfer?

No, because every preferred sleeping position requires specific firmness support. We recommend side sleepers, softer to medium mattresses, a firm mattress to back and stomach sleepers and a medium firm mattress for people who sleep in various positions. Please get in touch with our sleep experts if you need help determining what support firmness is suitable for you to provide adequate motion isolation.

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