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What is a triple sleeper bunk bed?

Triple sleeper bunk beds are arguably the most versatile of all children's beds. Despite sleeping three children, they are relatively slight in size, especially in comparison to the alternative- three single beds. Triple sleeper bunk beds are similar to a standard bunk bed, but instead of accommodating two kids, a triple sleeper bunk bed is designed for three. These beds are also commonly referred to as triple bunk beds, triple sleeper beds or triple sleepers. To access the top bunk, triple bunk beds feature stairs or a ladder.

Opt for a twin bunk bed or a twin triple bunk bed

A twin triple bunk bed consists of three single beds with each bed placed on top of one another whereas a twin bunk bed features a double bed at the base and a top single bunk. As a twin bunk bed resembles the width of a single bed, they are common fixtures in smaller bedrooms and represent fantastic space saving sleeping solutions.

What are the benefits of triple sleeper bunk beds?

Such is the versatility; a triple bunk bed has many benefits.

Ideally able to accommodate three children

With three kids, even a large bedroom will look relatively small. With an array of toys and clothes likely to occupy the majority of the room, having a bed that width resembles the size of a single bed but can accommodate three children is a beneficial investment. A triple bunk bed inevitably frees up floor space for the rest of the room to flourish.

The double mattress can be used as a bed for an older child or teenager

Whilst a triple bunk bed is designed for three children, they can also be utilised for a pair of siblings, with the younger of the two sleeping on the single bunk and the older child having the luxury of the spacious, durable double bed.

Integrated storage options

Depending on the design, some triple bunk beds feature storage options, including handy pull-out drawers and large drawers for kids' books, reinforcing the bed's practicality.

What is the recommended age for a triple sleeper bunk bed?

As a rule of thumb, it's best to wait until your little one is at least six years old to sleep on the top bunk. For the bottom bunk, it is recommended that you wait until your little one has outgrown their toddler bed before they transition to a triple bunk bed. 

What types of triple sleeper bunk beds are there?

Triple sleeper bunk beds are often designed with a double sized mattress on the bottom and a single mattress above. However, Mattressman also stocks triple bunks, essentially three single beds on top of one another.

What brands of triple bunk beds does Mattressman have?

With an increasing demand for triple bunks beds throughout the country, Mattressman only stock the most trusted brands to provide peace of mind for parents. Our triple bunk bed collection includes Julian Bowen, Heartlands Furniture, LPD Furniture and Dorel.

Why should I buy a triple bunk bed from Mattressman?

Mattressman knows the importance of your youngsters having a safe and comfortable night's sleep and are dedicated to providing only the highest standard of triple sleeper bunk beds at an affordable cost. Our wide array of triple bunk beds is stylish, practical and durable, so you can rest easy knowing your kids are safe and comfortable in their triple bunk bed. With a fantastic choice of different colours, styles and brands, you'll surely find the perfect triple sleeper bunk bed. 


Mattressman's free next working day delivery on all bed frames (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area) outlines Mattressman's affordable and convenient delivery process. View our delivery information page for further details. Furthermore, Mattressman can dispose of your old bed frame to make way for your new triple bunk bed. Please note we can only dispose of like-for-like items. The service costs £30.00 per item and is only available with our bedroom delivery service. For further information regarding our delivery surface, please ring our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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