Having a smaller bedroom isn’t necessarily a bad thing, you just need to find the right solutions to ensure your bedroom feels roomy and spacious! Read on to find out our top tips on how to make your smaller bedroom feel bigger than it actually is. 

Ottoman bed

One of the most ideal ways to free up space in your room is by using clever storage solutions. Cabinets and chests of drawers can take up unnecessary space, especially when considering you could put a variety of items underneath your bed.

Ottoman bed frames alongside other storage beds such as divans are perfect for freeing up space in a bedroom. Extra cushions, sheets, blankets, clothes, shoes and anything miscellaneous that doesn’t need to be at hand often are great to be stored underneath a bed.


How To Make A Smaller Bedroom Feel Bigger

For any items that you need to access more regularly, shelves are a fantastic option to replace and abandon floor-hogging furnishings. Using shelves helps a bedroom feel noticeably bigger in replacement of furniture as they take up your wall space as opposed to your floor space.

Light colour schemes

Approaching a room with light colour schemes that include whites, pastels and neutral tones can help the space feel bigger. Dark colour schemes aren’t as reflective and can make a room feel more enclosed than it actually is, as well as the fact that darker shades tend to absorb light too. This is why lighter colours do exactly the opposite, reflecting light to give a more open feel.

Don’t go overboard on bedding

Many interior inspiration pages often include decadent beds with masses of pillows, cushions and blankets. This certainly works well for bigger bedrooms, however, when it comes to a smaller room, such an amount of pillows can clutter the space. Keep the pillows that you need and it makes for an easier process when you make your bed in the morning too.

How To Make A Smaller Bedroom Feel Bigger

Go for blinds instead of curtains

Similarly, curtains can make a room feel more enclosed, especially if they drop all the way to the floor. A great way to combat this is to install blinds to allow you to have privacy and darkness in your bedroom without taking up much space at all, only a small portion of your windowsill. 

There you have Mattressman’s top tips on how to make a smaller bedroom feel bigger. What pointers are you going to implement into your bedroom look?