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Stomach sleeping: why do I wake up with backache?

If your go-to preferred sleeping position is on your stomach, you may frequently wake up with backache in the morning. Stomach sleepers generally should avoid sleeping this way because no matter the firmness or type of mattress you have, there will always be a little bit of strain placed on your lower back just by sleeping on your front. If you cannot stray from sleeping this way, follow our top tips below to minimise the adverse effects of front sleeping and find the best mattress for stomach sleepers.

How do I find the right mattress for me?

There are several things to look out for when searching for a new mattress, especially if you only sleep on your back or stomach. For instance, the best mattress for front sleepers will likely be unsuitable for those who prefer to sleep on their side. Please read below for the firmness scale and mattress type best suited to back and stomach sleepers.

What are the best mattress firmnesses for a back or stomach sleeper?

Firm, extra firm and medium firm mattress firmness tensions are appropriate for back and stomach sleepers for different reasons. Please read below to discover which one is the best for you.

Firmer mattresses

Our firmer mattress range is best for back and stomach sleepers because the sleeping surface has minimal movement, ensuring your back is kept straight throughout the night. Proper spinal alignment means you won't wake up with aches or pains, which could result from sleeping on a mattress that's too soft for these sleeping positions.

Extra firm mattresses

Do you already sleep on a firm mattress but consistently wake up with aches and pains? If you do, you may need an extra firm mattress instead. Whilst a better bed is usually sufficient for many people, an extra firm mattress ensures the sleeping surface won't conform to your body shape. Therefore, spinal alignment will be rigidly supported throughout the night, offering sufficient pressure relief. Extra support is recommended to people who prefer these sleeping positions, share a bed with a partner and are of larger statures, as the mattress needs extra firm and stiff springs to support your body weights adequately.

Medium firm mattresses

Whilst the above mattress firmnesses are more appropriate for back and stomach sleepers, we appreciate how other factors can influence your firmness. The sleeping surface will be firm and soft enough to promote healthy spinal alignment for all parties. If you share a bed with a partner and have different sleeping styles, say side and stomach sleepers, a medium firm mattress will be better suited to you both. Additionally, combination sleepers resting in all positions would best suit a medium firm mattress.

What are the best mattress types?

Pocket sprung mattress

One of our most popular mattresses, pocket spring options are ideal for back and stomach sleepers. They consist of individually pocketed coils that ensure edge-to-edge support and minimal motion transfer because all the springs move independently—reducing disruption from your partner and helping you achieve a great night's sleep.

Open coil mattress

Another popular traditionally sprung sleeping solution is the open coil mattress, an innerspring mattress. Open coil options are usually the best mattresses for stomach and back sleepers because they are most effective when they are firmer on the firmness scale. They are typically orthopaedic mattresses, too, designed to provide firm support to those with back problems. Made from a continuous coil that runs up the length or width of the bed, the rigid springs offer proper support. However, because the spring unit comprises the same coil wire, edge-to-edge support and motion transfer are somewhat worse than a pocket sprung mattress.

Memory foam mattress

Can memory foam mattresses also be firm? Yes, they can, and we stock several firm memory foam mattresses for those back and stomach sleepers who love the comfort of memory foam. The foam layers in our memory foam mattress range ensure firm support and ideal pressure relief. You can choose from trusted brands such as Silentnight, Relyon or the Nectar memory foam mattress. Memory foam retains heat exceptionally well, so if you're a hot sleeper but enjoy the comfort of memory foam, our gel foam mattress options could be best suited to you.

Gel foam mattress

Ideal for hot sleepers, the cooling mattress range at Mattressman is designed to bring you the comfort of memory foam but with cooling and breathable properties. Comprised of either gel-infused memory foam to Geltex, the material is very similar to memory foam. Still, it is engineered to absorb excess moisture, wick away heat, and allow airflow to regulate your body temperature. The best cooling mattress for stomach and back sleepers is firm, ensuring you're both cool and supported whilst you sleep. Our latex mattress range fits the bill perfectly if you prefer a cooling mattress made with natural materials.

Hybrid mattress

Hybrid mattresses combine two sleeping solutions, usually base support such as a pocket sprung or open coil spring system, paired with a comfort layer like memory foam, gel foam or latex foam. With a hybrid mattress, you can benefit from the unparalleled firm support of the spring system whilst still benefiting from the attractive qualities of the comfort layer, ensuring unrivalled relief for pressure points. Browse our hybrid range today and find the comfortable yet supportive mattress you need.

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