Waking up with back or neck pain is certainly not the way you want to start your days. Whilst we spend a third of our lives laying on our mattresses, it’s important to find the one that can adequately support both our body weight and promote healthy spine alignment. Without this, it could result in waking up with aches and pains.

After years of usage, a mattress loses rigidness in its springs and its ability to support you whilst you’re sleeping. It will begin to sag in certain areas, most profoundly in areas where pressure resides the most which are likely to be in the area of our torsos and backs. 

For this reason, many sleep manufacturers recommend replacing your mattress around every 7 years, however, this completely comes down to the type of mattress you have. To check to see how long your current mattress should last, click here.

If you’ve consulted with a medical professional about chronic back or neck pain, they may have recommended you get a new mattress and probably a firm one at that. Take a look at our criteria below to find out what kind of mattress is right for you to help with back pain…

Waking Up With Back Pain? The Mattress Tension For You

Side sleepers

Lighter or average body weight

If you’re waking up with back pain and you match the lighter or average stature side sleeper criteria, your current mattress may be too firm. A lighter to average stature should be sleeping on a softer/medium tension as this provides the right level of cushioning for the shoulder and hips pressure point, promoting healthy spine alignment.

Heavier body weight

The above applies for heavier body weights, however, we would recommend a medium tension over a softer one. This is because a softer mattress will not be able to best support your body weight and the springs will deteriorate quicker. Medium firm mattresses can also work well for heavier stature side sleepers, and it essentially comes down to your preference of having a mattress that feels softer or firmer.

Back or front sleepers

Lighter or average body weight

Your mattress is likely too soft if you’re waking up with back pain currently. Opting for a medium firm or firmer mattress is best for lighter or average statures, as an extra firm tension would be providing too much support for your body weight. 

Heavier body weight

Again, the same applies to a heavier stature, however, you may want to opt for a firm or extra firm tension. If you have severe back pain, opting for an extra firm mattress will best keep your spine in a healthy position all night long, as well as supporting your body weight.

Note: if you have chronic back or neck pain, it’s important to consult with a medical professional.