With an amazing budget range and high-quality options for wooden beds available, no one is limited to having a stunning natural piece in their bedroom. Bringing warmth and cosy style, a wooden bed frame is a way to go if you’re striving for this kind of style in your bedroom. Here are our top tips to find the wooden bed of your dreams:

Solid pine

One of the most popular types of wood to use for bed frames, pinewood is both extremely durable and strong. These frames are often built with functionality and strength in mind, letting the wood’s natural beauty speak for itself. Pine is usually finished with a natural wax so it highlights the natural grain.

Solid oak

Another popular choice, solid oak is strong and cheaper by comparison to other solid woods. Timeless style, when treated properly solid oak can be around for literally a lifetime.


Often considered a more environmentally-friendly option, rubberwood comes from plantation rubber trees that produce latex. The trees are purposed as furniture when the rubber tree has produced all the latex that it can. Also a durable natural wood, they make for great bed frames that are low maintenance. 

Wooden veneer 

A great alternative to solid wood, veneered wood is essentially thin slices of high-quality solid wood that is fixed to a low-density core. Veneer wood doesn’t age like solid wood does, which means it can also be incredibly durable and long-lasting.

Budget wooden beds

If you’re on a budget but are pining for a wooden bed (pardon the pun), there are still some fantastic cheaper options out there, many of which are comprised solely of solid wood too. Here are some of our favourites…

Luxury wooden beds

Solid wood, ottomans and so much more, there are plenty of contemporary and luxury options across our wooden bed selection. Take a look at some of our top picks…

Wooden beds don’t require a huge amount of care to maintain their sumptuous style. You should frequently dust the bed around all exposed areas first. For those who have upholstered headboards, you should use a hoover to remove any dust. Some people assume that you need to wax the wooden bed frame every so often, however, we would generally advise against this. It could lead to discolouration of the solid wood which may give it an undesirable appearance.