About Silentnight

With over 70 years of experience in mattress manufacturing, it’s no wonder that Silentnight has been recognised as a Superbrand for the past 13 years. Innovating and demonstrating their product knowledge, quality and expertise have earned them this recognition as well as their many endorsements from Which? Best Buy across a multitude of Silentnight’s sleeping solutions.

On top of having award-winning mattresses, Silentnight has an award-winning sustainability programme too. From ranges manufactured from recycled bottles, their partnership with the Marine Conservation Society to their official carbon neutral status, Silentnight are taking huge strides in sustainability and environmental protection. Read on to find out more about their brilliant ranges and state of the art designs.

Innovative spring systems

Silentnight is known for its state of the art spring systems, designed by and completely exclusive to Silentnight. Including Mirapocket and Miracoil systems, we’ll delve into a bit more detail here so you know the right mattress to opt for.


Featuring individually-moving pocket springs encased in their own pocket of fabric, Mirapocket sprung mattresses provide edge-to-edge support, a body-moulding sleep surface that offers weight distribution and promotes healthy spine alignment.


Similar to open coil spring systems, Silentnight has developed the Miracoil mattress with increased durability and firmer support in mind. Consisting of a continuous length of wire that is sown into a series of springs, the Miracoil differs from the open coil system as these springs are linked vertically rather than horizontally. Overall, this ensures there’s less ‘roll-together’ that occurs in open coil mattresses after years of usage.

Eco-friendly and technologically-driven fillings

Eco-comfort fibres

Silentnight have created their own environmentally-friendly fibre to include across their eco mattress range. Made from fully recyclable materials treated without chemicals and are naturally flame retardant. Due to the materials, they are constructed from, the fibres are completely hypoallergenic which makes for a great choice for allergy sufferers.

Silentnight Buying Guide


Feel too hot throughout the night? Geltex could be the material you need to include in your mattress. An intelligent gel-infused comfort layer increases breathability and provides a cooler night’s sleep, ensuring the surface moulds to the contours of your body due to the highly elastic profile.

Mattress tensions for all

We stock over 30 Silentnight mattresses with a tension that works for every kind of sleeper. From softer to extra firm, you can be sure to find the sleeping solution that works for you.

  • Softer – best designed for lighter statures and side sleepers.
  • Medium – works great for lighter to average statures and side sleepers.
  • Medium firm – perfect for people who share a bed with a partner who has different body types and preferred sleeping positions, or those who like to sleep in any position.
  • Firmer – best designed for average to heavier statures and back/front sleepers.
  • Extra firm – great for those who sleep on the back or front, are of a heavier stature and those who wake up with back pain.

Stylish bed frames

Offering more than supportive and comfortable mattresses, Silentnight has also designed a stunning range of bed frames so you can completely update your sleeping solution. Featuring a range of natural and painted wooden beds, there’s a bed frame for everyone in their collection. Fans of shaker-style headboards, you can find contemporary versions to match any bedroom aesthetic.