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What is the importance of bedroom furniture?

Furniture is an integral part of any bedroom, differentiating between an organised and cohesive room layout and a cluttered and messy one. Bedroom furniture can accommodate the entirety of your bedroom storage, ranging from your clothes to books and storage and other belongings.

Why should I consider black furniture?

There is no escaping from the fact that a black colour scheme is a bold choice and not for the fainthearted. However, black bedroom furniture definitely serves a purpose, with black decor rising in popularity in recent years.

Synonymous with contemporary layouts

Black furnishings embody sleek and stylish aesthetics and are synonymous with contemporary room layouts. If you're actively trying to achieve a modern aesthetic, black furniture is the way to go, with a bedroom centred around black furniture achieving these results.


As opposed to the feeling that your bedroom is washed out due to a range of light, neutral colours taking centre stage within the room, black adds great depth and substance. Whilst black is a fairly simplistic colour, it's also rich and intense and balances out the pale hues of colours such as cream and white.


Although a black room layout or a multitude of black furnishings can appear daunting at first, black is renowned for its versatility and can seamlessly match with various colours, including white, grey and sage.

What types of furniture does our collection comprise?

Seeing as we've emphasised the importance of bedroom furniture, it only makes sense that we feature everything needed to kit out your bedroom. Please note we also feature a variety of black beds listed under our website's 'beds' section.

Chest of drawers

A mainstay of almost all bedrooms, chest of drawers are designed to accommodate all your folded clothes. The surface area of the chest of drawers can also be utilised for ornaments or as a makeshift television stand.

Bedside chests

Bedside chests, commonly referred to as bedside cabinets, ensure your bedtime essentials are always nearby and accessible.


In the day and age of many people working remotely, desks and study areas are becoming increasingly integral to households; a desk is a perfect addition to a study, spare room or home office. Another variation of the desk we feature is a gaming desk ensuring your consoles and gaming essentials can be stored in a central place, thus enhancing your gaming sessions.


Similarities can be drawn between wardrobes and chests of drawers in that both pieces of furniture accommodate clothing. However, behind the doors, wardrobes feature rails to hang clothes. Our multi-functional wardrobes feature drawers for folded garments and could prove invaluable for bedrooms in which space is at a premium. 

Dressing tables

From getting ready in the morning to applying makeup, dressing tables are fantastic additions to many households. Our dressing tables comprise a mirror, table and storage options ensuring an all-encompassing area and unit.

What styles are our collection comprised of?


Elegant and glamorous, a gloss finish is ideally suited for contemporary bedrooms.


We feature a range of rattan furniture with a rich black finish creating a delicate balance between the rich tones of the black and the warmth and rustic characteristics of the rattan.

Why shop with Mattressman?

Courtesy of our wide range of black bedroom furniture, placing equal emphasis on style and affordability, you'll be sure to discover your perfect set. Our user-friendly website allows you to apply filters and search by category.

If I order today, can I receive my furniture by tomorrow?

Not only is our delivery service free for orders placed over £45 but your furniture can also be delivered as soon as the next working day (Monday to Friday between 8.00 am and 6.00 pm), providing it's in stock and ordered before 4 pm. Keep an eye on our website for our latest offers, reiterating our stance on affordable furniture. Simply add your furniture to the basket, proceed to the checkout and leave the rest to us. From Mattressman to your bedroom in no time, you can count on us for all of your furniture needs.

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