One of the biggest compliments you can attribute to a mattress is a Which Best Buy? endorsement, and that’s the case with our exclusive King Arthur mattress from the superb Arthur collection. This blog outlines the criteria for acquiring a Which? Best Buy rating and its significance. 

So, who are Which? Best Buy?

Which? review and test various products and services to help consumers make informed decisions. Which? cover a wide range of industries from retail and hospitality to cars, travel and baby and child-based topics and more. Which? function as an information hub to help consumers make sensible purchases, gain insight and advice into prevalent topics and offer valuable ‘how to’ guides. Which? is the UK’s consumer champion and focuses on ‘protecting customers’ as opposed to profit.

What is the significance of a Which? Best Buy status?

Consider any product endorsed by Which? Best Buy, as a seal of approval from a renowned and trusted company that has been helping customers for over 60 years. For a product to receive Which? Best Buy status, a series of vigorous tests are undertaken.

Mattressman’s King Arthur Mattress Is Now Which? Best Buy Endorsed

What process did the King Arthur go through?

No stone is left unturned when it comes to Which? assessing mattresses. Any Which? Best Buy mattress has been assessed for durability, breathability, body support, and ease of turning on the mattress. Below, we discuss the different aspects of the testing process in greater detail. 


A key indicator of a supportive mattress is whether your spine remains in the same shape as when you’re standing up; to assess the mattress’s support offerings, Which? measure the shape of a person’s body at 36 different points when standing and then when lying on their back on the mattresses. Which? Also consider if the mattress is able to distribute pressure evenly across the mattress; this is assessed by a pressure sensor mat equipped with over 10,000 sensors linked up to computers to reveal which areas you may sink into. An important factor for anyone sharing a bed, Which? explain how a good mattress will be stable enough to prevent movement from transferring from one side of the bed to the other. The other two factors relating to performance are whether the mattress is easy to roll over on when switching sleeping positions and if the mattress is breathable and, therefore, avoids becoming damp with sweat. 

Mattressman’s King Arthur Mattress Is Now Which? Best Buy Endorsed


When shopping for a mattress, longevity is critical, especially as the average lifespan of a mattress is seven to 10 years. With this in mind, heavy barrels are run back and forth across the mattress thousands of times to simulate approximately 10 years of use.

Ease of use

As almost every mattress will require rotation or flipping from time to time, Which? assess how easy the mattress is to manoeuvre. 

Mattressman’s King Arthur Mattress Is Now Which? Best Buy Endorsed

Why we love the King Arthur Mattress

Innovative pocket sprung support system

For targeted support and excellent pressure relief, you can rely on the King Arthur. An impressive 2000 springs are segmented into a primary layer of 800 springs, and an additional 1200 mini springs to form the mattress’s core. Each spring reacts individually to body movements, paving the way for a tailored night’s rest. Courtesy of both pocket sprung layers, the King Arthur is also able to ensure even weight distribution and minimal motion transfer. 

Luxurious foam layers

Accentuating the comfort and support of the pocket springs are luxurious comfort foam layers. These foam layers, consisting of memory foam and reflex foam, conform to your body shape and provide unparalleled comfort.

Supports all sleeping positions

The King Arthur features a medium firm tension and can, therefore, support front, back and side sleeping. The mattress surface is firm enough to provide cushioned hip and shoulder support yet is also of adequate firmness to distribute weight evenly and promote healthy spinal alignment when sleeping on your front or back. 

Vacuum packed delivery

Thanks to the King Arthur, gone are the days of having to awkwardly manoeuvre your mattress through what seems like an obstacle course in order to reach the designated room. Instead, the mattress conveniently arrives vacuum packed and will be ready to sleep on within 24 hours of set-up. 

Mattressman’s King Arthur Mattress Is Now Which? Best Buy Endorsed

Purchase with confidence

Here at Mattressman, we understand that shopping for a mattress online can be challenging; therefore, we offer a 60-night sleep trial for any mattress purchased alongside a mattress protector. Rest easy at night, knowing you can replace your mattress with minimal fuss if necessary.