I’m sure we’ve all been there at one point or another where we underestimate the fear factor of a horror movie. It’s usually a case of our pride talking over, and we convince ourselves and others that the film ‘wasn’t even that scary’. However, if you find yourself asking for company whilst you venture to the kitchen or consistently check to see if there’s anyone following you around the house, there’s a high chance that the film frightened you. However, fear not; our blog details how you can achieve a good night’s sleep even on the back of a scary movie. 

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep After Watching A Scary Movie

Why is this an important topic?

Horror films centre around vicariously identifying a series of dramatic and tense moments from the comfort of our homes. It’s about the thrill and adrenaline of witnessing a monumental scene play out, knowing that you’re safe and sound, snuggled up on your sofa. After all, the psychology behind horror films is that they ‘provide a safe way to experience fear and release negative emotions’.

However, if you find yourself in the hours after the movie has ended, somewhat affected by the movie, blurred lines may appear between the fear and anxiety emanating from the film and your state of mind. It’s essential that you can differentiate between the work of art and reality. Otherwise, you may find that your entire evening is negatively dictated by a work of fiction. 

So, how can I improve my sleep after watching a scary movie?

Finish the evening with lighthearted television viewing 

If one of the last things you do before heading to bed is to watch a disturbing and frightening depiction of the relationship between an antagonist and protagonist- think ‘main character’ in a horror movie, the chances are the poignant moments will play again and again in the back of your mind. It’s almost impossible to switch off when you’re reliving the film’s plot and trying to decipher how it unfolded. Instead, allow yourself the time to put a comedy or wholesome drama on the television and firmly put the scary movie to the back of your mind. As Myza explains, ‘Even if you don’t have much time before you need to go to bed, watching something short and lighthearted can help you fall asleep faster than going to bed earlier.’

Sleep with the lights on

As ironic and counterproductive as it may seem, leaving the bedroom light on can help you fall asleep quicker. Scary movies tend to be set at night time to increase the tension and fear factor, and therefore sleeping with the light on allows you to separate the film’s setting from reality. Experts explain how ‘keeping the lights on whilst you’re watching a horror film will help you keep a firm grip on reality’. 

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep After Watching A Scary Movie

Rationalise and contextualise the film

In the aftermath of a scary movie, try to rationalise and contextualise the events that categorised the film as a horror. Admittedly this may be easier said than done, but keep perspective and remind yourself that your environment, family, friends and neighbourhood ensure you’re safe and not at risk of a fictitious being. If it helps to contextualise matters, put pen to paper and detail all of the reasons why you won’t suffer the same fate as any of the characters in the disturbing film you’ve just finished watching. 

How To Get A Good Night’s Sleep After Watching A Scary Movie

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