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What is a dressing table?

A dressing table, sometimes called a vanity table, is simply a table with a mirror and drawers, typically used to apply make-up and skin care products or as a preparation area. These furnishings come in all shapes and sizes, depending on what functions you need. Please read below to discover the range of dressing tables we showcase here at Mattressman.

How do I find the right dressing table?

The right dressing table for you depends on various factors. Here, we go through each one.

Think about style

Everyone has their own style, which is why your new dressing table needs to match your room. A modern dressing table is one of our most popular styles, showcasing contemporary shapes, clean lines, exposed frames and monochromatic colours. Alternatively, we showcase more traditional dressing tables featuring soft and elegant angles and embossed designs. Whatever matches the look you're going for, our collection of dressing tables is bound to have it.

Think about storage

The perfect dressing table is a practical piece that can accommodate everything you wish to store. For anything from hair products to make-up and skin care products, you need to consider the storage space a dressing table has. Our dressing tables range from featuring one drawer to a massive twelve shelves and everything in between to suit all practical needs.

Think about size

Another crucial element to consider is how much space you have. Do you have enough space for a large dressing table? If so, you can opt for one of our bigger dressing areas, such as the corner option. For anyone limited by space, we feature compact dressing tables to work in smaller bedrooms.

Think about added extras

If your bedroom already features a mounted mirror, we have plenty of dressing tables that don't integrate mirrors into their designs. Alternatively, if you need a dressing table with a mirror, you can find that in our range. Please read our product descriptions to discover whether a dressing table includes a mirror.

What are our dressing tables constructed from?

All our dressing tables are made from solid wood, such as oak, pine, or wood veneers. Often displaying a natural wood tone or painted in various colours, there's a dressing table style to match your bedroom or dressing area.

Shopping with Mattressman

When you purchase your dressing tables with Mattressman, you can rely on quality products and speedy delivery. We showcase various great furniture brands as part of our dressing table collections, all delivered directly to you for maximum efficiency. So upgrade your bedroom today with Mattressman and enjoy a stylish spot to store your beauty and skincare products.

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