A storage solution within your bed frame is the dream for anyone who’s looking to free up space within their bedroom, however- you may find yourself thinking- is this bed type necessary for me? Similarly, you may find that your dream bed frame doesn’t incorporate a storage solution into its design and are wondering if you should opt for an ottoman or storage bed instead. In this blog, we outline the appeal of storage beds with the aim of helping you settle on your dream bed.  

What are storage beds?

As the name suggests, these beds include integrated shelving, drawers or a storage area within the bed. Depending on what you opt for, your new bed could feature space within the headboard to accommodate trinkets and possessions such as novels and photo frames to more extensive options with space available for bedding, blankets and laundry.

What is the appeal of integrated storage?

Storage beds are multifunctional, providing a place to sleep and accommodate belongings all within the same structure. These beds pave the way for tidier and more organised bedrooms and could even alleviate the need for other furniture, such as a chest of drawers or a blanket box. When you take into account the sheer size of the bed frame in relation to the room’s other furniture, taking advantage of the space it occupies for an extra task is very practical.

Are Bed Frames With Storage A Good Idea?

What types of storage beds should I consider?

There are a few factors at play that will determine which type of bed is the right match for your bedroom. Bed frames with integrated storage are categorised into ottoman bed frames and storage beds or, as the Independent explains, ‘those with generous under-bed drawers, and those with nifty lifting mechanisms, which allow the bed to open up, revealing a sizable void ready to be filled with extra bedding and all manner of clutter.’ Below, we provide further insight into the variations of storage bed frames. 

Storage beds

A collection of our beds feature on-display storage courtesy of shelving within the headboard. These beds are perfect if you’re looking to showcase your treasured possessions or require a central location to store your favourite bits and bobs. Bed frames with drawers, as is the case with ottoman beds, are ideal if you’re looking for a bed to accommodate more substantial items such as bedding. A collection of our beds feature built-in drawers, whilst our innovative divan bed builder allows you to personalise your new bed and choose your preferred upholstery, headboard style and storage options. 

Ottoman bed frames

Ottoman beds are perhaps the most popular storage bed variation on the market, with our wonderful collection creating the perfect balance between style and practicality. These beds lift from either the footend or side of the bed to reveal a spacious area catered towards all of your bedroom storage requirements. What’s more, the bed remains elevated courtesy of the gas lift mechanism, meaning your storage is always within easy reach. Ottoman bed frames have the potential to transform your bedroom from a cluttered space to a minimalist and organised room. 

Are Bed Frames With Storage A Good Idea?

Why shouldn’t I consider a storage bed?

Do you need more storage options?

Inevitably, you’ll narrow your search if you’re only considering bed frames that feature integrated storage capabilities. For instance, our metal bed frame collection doesn’t feature any beds with storage options, whilst only a select few of our fabric and wooden beds feature storage offerings. If your bedroom already features an array of storage solutions, you may find there is no need for a storage bed.

Are Bed Frames With Storage A Good Idea?


Whilst we pride ourselves on affordability, our innovative storage beds often reflect higher price points compared to many other bed frames. For instance, ottoman beds often cost more than comparable divan bases because they are more challenging to manufacture and have more expensive parts. Therefore, you should consider how important integrated storage is to you and whether it’s worth the price increase. 

If you’re looking for a cost-effective alternative to an ottoman bed, utilise the space underneath your bed frame. Whilst your possessions may not be as readily accessible as they would with an ottoman bed, it’s a cheaper solution to ottoman storage. Our high footend bed frames, in particular, are great at accommodating under-bed storage.

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