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What are double bed headboards?

A headboard is simply a unit that resides above the head of the bed and covers the width of the bed. The term 'double' relates to the size of the bed that the headboard fits; in this instance, double headboards fit double beds. Headboards are manufactured in various materials and fabrics; for example, you may have seen metal headboards, wooden headboards and fabric headboards.

What types of double headboards does Mattressman feature?

Upholstered double headboards

Our entire range of double bed headboards is upholstered in elegant, soft-to-the-touch fabrics.

Consider a faux leather upholstered double headboard

Faux leather is considered a cheaper alternative while maintaining the quality and elegance you would expect from leather. Moreover, faux leather is regarded as a low-maintenance headboard choice as it is renowned for being easy to clean. Therefore, consider a faux leather double headboard for a double bed headboard that is as stylish as it is practical.

Does Mattressman stock metal double headboards?

Whilst we don't feature metal headboards as standalone purchases, we have an extensive range of metal beds that feature robust, elegant designs.

What bed is suited to a double headboard?

Double headboards are suited to a range of double beds, including divan beds, with a vast selection of double bed headboards designed to easily attach to a double bed divan frame.

What are the different styles of double headboards within Mattressman's collection?

Tall Headboards and Floorstanding Headboards

Tall headboards and floorstanding headboards are synonymous with one another and are essentially categorised by the height in which they possess. As the name suggests, a tall headboard or floorstanding headboard stands above the bed's surface and often takes its position as the room's focal point.

Buttoned Headboards

This type of headboard features deep rows of ample buttoning and is considered a modern headboard choice.

Winged Headboards

Winged headboards feature overarching wings on either side of the headboard to create a glamorous aesthetic and cosy sleeping environment.

Strutted Headboards

Strutted headboards feature two reinforced struts to attach to a divan bed base easily.

Apart from style, what is the benefit of a double headboard?

Neck and back support

A headboard is a worthwhile investment if you're prone to sitting upright in bed to watch tv or to eat breakfast; for example, an upholstered double headboard can provide cushioned support to the neck and back.

Wall protection

If the bed is placed against a wall, a headboard can serve as a protective barrier between the bed and wall to prevent scuffs and other minimal damage from occurring.

What brands of double bed headboards does Mattressman feature?

Mattressman only feature trusted and reputable brands to ensure a fantastic customer experience; with this in mind, Mattressman's range of double headboards includes New Design, British Bed Company and Hypnos, among other quality brands.

What colours of double headboards does Mattressman feature?

Discover your dream double headboard featuring an extensive range of colours, including brown, grey, silver, black, purple, blue and many more. Complement the aesthetics of your room and tailor your new headboard to your bed.

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