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Why should I purchase a tall headboard?

As the name suggests, a tall headboard will inevitably capture any room's attention and add a stylish, elegant finish to the bed. Here at Mattressman, we have a wide range of tall headboards sold separately from our beds; this is beneficial as it means you can purchase a headboard to compliment your existing bed instead of buying an entirely new bed frame. Whilst Mattressman may not supply bespoke headboards, our wide array of tall headboards in various fabrics ensures that you'll find a headboard that perfectly compliments your bed.

A perfect accompaniment for bedrooms with high ceilings

For all the advantages of large bedrooms, the ample storage space and the flexibility to redesign the room, a large bedroom with a tall ceiling can represent a daunting prospect. So often, large bedrooms aren't maximised and utilised for their true potential. Finding the right bedroom furniture and décor to fill the room adequately can be difficult. A headboard with a great height is fantastic at filling the vertical space in tall bedrooms and accompanying space that is otherwise disregarded.

What beds are available with tall headboards?

With a tall headboard considered an extremely beneficial addition to a tall bedroom, Mattressman is keen to ensure that your dream bed features a tall headboard. With this in mind, we have many beds upholstered in luxury fabrics to compliment the vision and style of your bedroom. With soft-to-the-touch luxury fabrics in shades of rich red and deep blue, among other colours, our tall headboards are designed to capture the character and essence of any stylish bedroom. Whether a luxurious fabric bed or an ottoman bed that blurs the lines between style and practicality, Mattressman is sure to stock your dream bed with an ample-sized headboard.

What size of tall headboards does Mattressman stock?

As standalone purchases, our tall headboards are available as small single, single, small double, double, king and super king size.

Apart from providing style, what is the importance of tall headboards?

Our luxury headboards provide a range of benefits and aren't merely designed for their elegance and beauty.

Head and back support

So often, our beds are the basis for watching television, studying and more, and as a result, a lot of the time we spend in bed is spent sitting upright against a headboard. With our range of luxury headboards, you can receive soft and comforting support for your head and back.

Able to prevent wall damage

Depending on the bed's placement, headboards act as a barrier between your bed and the wall, preventing potential damage.

Keeps your pillows secure

Without a headboard, you risk your pillows slipping down the sleeping side of the bed. Headboards prevent this from happening, ensuring your pillows won't leave the bed.

Why should I buy from Mattressman?

Our range of headboards and beds blurs the lines between luxury and affordability. With a wide array of beds, durable and stylish in design at a price that doesn't break the bank, Mattressman has your dream bed and headboard in stock.


Mattressman offers free next working day delivery on all bed frames (8.00 am – 6.00 pm) anywhere within the UK mainland (dependent on the delivery area), outlining our affordable and convenient delivery process. View our delivery information page for further details.

Furthermore, you can dispose of your old bed frame to make way for your new bed. Please note we can only dispose of like-for-like items. The service costs £30.00 per item and is only available with our bedroom delivery service. For further information regarding our delivery surface, please ring our customer service team, who will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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