Top 5 Things to Take to University!

Top 5 Things to Take to University!

A-Level results are out, which means that congratulations are in order for the many young people across the country who’ll be leaving home this autumn for the bright new world of university! Moving away from home for the first time can be nerve-wracking, but a living space that feels like your own can go a long way towards making you feel more comfortable. So if you’re making your way out into the world (or waving off your child on their big adventure) check out our list of top five things to bring to your uni bedroom!

1) First and foremost: whatever will make you happy
“Be yourself” might sound like a cliché, but trust us: while you’re probably going to make some of the best friends you’ll ever have at university, they’re not going to be the people who’d make fun of you for having slightly nerdy posters or bringing along the cuddly toy you’ve had for as long as you can remember. So forget about those people. Your room might become the setting for pre-drinks or late-night TV marathons with your flatmates, but you’re the one who’s going to spend the most time in there, and actually, the home comforts you might worry are childish are nowhere near as rare among students as you may think they are.

2) Storage boxes
Even if you pack light, your room is likely to be small and you’ll end up acquiring all sorts of rubbish over the year. Stick some plastic boxes under your bed and when you’re puzzling over where exactly that multi-coloured clown wig came from, at least you’ll have somewhere to put it.

3) A collapsible drying rack
Make it a group effort and laundry trips can be a lot more fun than you’d imagine, but you will inevitably put off going for far longer than you should, and then you’ll find you don’t have space to dry the mountain of clean washing you’re left with. A drying rack can collapse down so it won’t take up much of what is sure to be a limited space, and you’ll avoid having to get creative with surfaces never intended for draping damp clothes over and still have room to work and sleep.

4) Plenty of bedding
This is obvious, but you are definitely going to spend entire days cocooned in blankets, you will have friends who want to crash on your floor even though their flat is only a minute’s walk away, and especially once you leave halls, you may feel wrapping up is preferable to turning the heating on, so make sure you’re prepared. Duvets and pillows needn’t cost a lot, with duvets starting at just £7 on our website, and pillows at just £10.

5) Personal touches
Whether you want to deck out your room with fairy lights, stick some cushions on the bed, or put up some fun postcards, these are all available pretty cheaply and will help make your room look more homely. Remember to check the details of your contract before you go, though — most universities are pretty strict about what they’ll let you put on the walls, and have varying ideas about what constitutes a fire hazard. You’ll probably have a pin board so bring along some push pins, stick photographs in frames if possible so that you can stand them on desks and shelves, and if you do want to put things on the walls, use scotch tape or similar to avoid leaving marks.

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