The Best Budget Memory Foam Mattresses

Best budget memory foam mattresses, and its alternatives

Everyone’s heard of memory foam and the joys of its comfort. There are certainly some great value memory foam mattresses out there, but you may not have heard of memory’s cheaper alternative: reflex foam. With this, hybrid memory foam and spring system mattresses are a popular choice too.

When looking for a mattress there are some factors that you should consider alongside its price tag. You should be looking for mattresses that fit these criteria in relation to your preferences:
Support or tension (from soft to extra firm)
Build/layers of the mattress (open coil, pocket sprung, memory foam or hybrid)
Finishes of the mattress (quilting or tufting)
Fillings (natural or manmade, dependent on allergies)
Mattress care (two-sided or easy care)

Now, this guide is going to go through all the memory combinations and where the best value lies within them all…

Memory foam and…

… pocket springs

Silentnight Pocket Essentials 800 Memory Pocket Sprung Mattress

Hybrid mattresses of memory foam and pocket springs are great for offering support and comfort. This mattress has great qualities with £289.00 (for a double) as the price tag…
Medium firm support
800 pocket springs (for a kingsize mattress) that move individually, combined with a generous 25mm layer of memory foam. This provides unparalleled support, truly moulding to the movements and contours of your body
Easy care one-sided mattress
Polyester fillings and memory foam are great for allergy sufferers

Healthopaedic Memory Pocket Deluxe 1000 Pocket Sprung Mattress

Another hybrid, the Healthopaedic Memory Pocket offers a pressure relieving, body moulding mattress for only £279.00 as a double. This is what it offers…
Medium support
1000 pocket springs (for a king size mattress) and a lavish 25mm layer of memory foam
One-sided easy to maintain mattress
Breathable damask cover which gives the mattress a soft, luxurious finish.


… reflex foam

UNO Bronze Deluxe Reflex Foam Mattress

Well, if we’re going to be technical then this mattress is a combination of reflex and viscofoam. These foams combined really make for a comfortable mattress that doesn’t sacrifice on support. For a double it’s £185.00 which also features…
Medium firm support
130mm layer of reflex foam, in which the structure consists of air bubbles that move side to side when pressure is applied, unlike memory foam which seeps out air
Above is 30mm of viscofoam, considered to be a denser memory foam. It has been designed into different zones that offer firmer support to the areas of the body that are more strained
Vacuum packed for easy delivery and maneuverability
Comes with a 10 year guarantee

… open coil

Snuggle Beds Ortho Memory Supreme Open Coil Mattress

For a combination of an open coil spring system, memory foam and great value, Snuggle Beds offer it. Only at £179.00 for a double, this mattress offers a lot for such a small price…
Medium tension
25mm of body moulding memory foam, great for spine alignment support
Breathable micro quilted cover with vents along the sides to release damp air, creating a cool and dry sleeping environment. Memory foam is often considered to be fairly insulating, so this is a great attribute to be included in this mattress

Reflex foam…

Birlea Comfort Care Reflex Foam Mattress

As an alternative to memory, this mattress is completely made up of reflex foam. Certainly a cheaper alternative, this mattress is only £109.00 for a double. It includes many other great attributes too, such as…
Medium support
120mm of reflex foam which moulds to your body’s shape, promoting natural alignment of your spine and relieving pressure on strained parts of the body
Micro quilted with knitted cover, making it breathable and giving it a soft finish
Arrives vacuum packed for extra convenience and easy maneuverability

UNO Junior Reflex Foam Mattress

Another stand-out mattress on value, the UNO Junior is only £115.00 for a double. With such a mattress, you’re getting incredible value for what else they offer…
Medium support
140mm of high-density foam that provides pressure relief
Treated removable cover that protects against the buildup of bacteria, fungi and odours
Vacuum packed for an easy delivery and installment
10 year guarantee

There you have it, our guide on budget foam mattresses! We have something for everyone here, especially if you’re a foam lover. What do you think of the variety of different foams there are, and do you have a particular favourite? Let us know…


Chloe Baxter

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