Reasons to be glad you’re single

Valentine’s Day can be a tricky holiday — particularly for us seasoned singletons — so if, like me, you struggle to get through it without finding yourself in a darkened room with “All by Myself” playing on repeat, then take a look at our list of fun alternatives:

  • Plan a slumber party and invite only the most upbeat of your single friends
  • Watch a horror movie, something extra gory
  • Treat yourself to a bubble bath
  • Order a takeaway.

If none of these take your fancy, don’t panic. The fact is: even though being single can make you feel down, it actually has plenty of positives.

Better still, Mattressman’s superhero sidekicks have been busy exploring the upsides of being ‘on the market’ so that if this Valentine’s Day has you feeling blue or singing along to Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful”, you can recall these points and remember that you have plenty of reasons to celebrate your singleness!

1) It’s cheaper

The average cost of a Brit’s Valentine’s Day gift in 2016 was £45, which means that most couples are at least 90 quid down before they’ve even gone out to dinner! So, the next time you’re struggling to decide whether you should treat yourself to that brand new pair of sneakers or a day at the spa, don’t hesitate. You’ve earned it!

2) You have the bed to yourself!

Being able to stretch out in bed is probably one of the most overlooked advantages of being single. Not only that but having the bed to yourself also means that you don’t have to play tug of war with the duvet or listen to anyone’s snoring.

3) You have more in common with the Pope

Being single means that you have more in common with some of the coolest people who ever lived, including Jesus Christ and Mother Theresa – bless you!

4) Personal hygiene

Singledom often means that you are less likely to be naked in front of somebody else, so there’s much less pressure to maintain the perfect physique or keep up with all that onerous hair removal.

 5) You get the chance to discover who you are by yourself

The road to self-love is long and winding, and it’s often a journey that’s best taken on your own, so enjoy it and relish the fact that no one else gets to see you mess up.

We hope that today’s blog has cheered you up and that Valentine’s Day doesn’t seem so daunting now. If you have any plans for this February 14th, let us know in the comment section below.

Sleep well!

James Murray

James Murray

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