Simple and natural sleep remedies

It’s something you’ll probably hear all month, but we can’t quite believe we’re in September!

With the summer now gone for another year, the cosy evenings of autumn have finally arrived.

September not only marks the end of summer but the beginning of National Organic Month, a whole four weeks dedicated to all things organic! 

If you regularly struggle with your sleep, you may also be struggling to find a remedy to help you nod off – and with so many sleeping aid choices on the market, including the rise of sleep apps, it can be difficult to know where to turn for the best solution. September may be the month to consider a more natural and organic route to getting to sleep, so with that in mind, we’ve decided to share a list of easily achievable ways to embrace a more natural, organic sleep routine.  

Aromatherapy oils

Lavender has been proven to help with sleepless nights and placing just a few drops of lavender oil or spray under your pillow can reduce anxiety, helping you drift off quicker. Essential oils, such as those from Holland and Barrett, can also improve the quality of your sleep overall.  

Warm milk and honey

If you’re used to having a nightcap before you go to bed, sipping on warm milk and honey could be just the thing to try as an alternative to other hot drinks.


Herbal teas

Another alternative to your usual nightcap could be herbal teas, with valerian root used in some herbal tea blends to promote sleep. Simply pop your valerian root in a tea strainer and place this in a mug of boiled water, then leave it to brew for at least 15 minutes. Add honey for a touch of sweetness.

Blackout your bedroom with blinds  

It may not seem like the first thing to do when you’re struggling with sleep, however a blackout blind can really improve your sleep quality; without distractions like street lamps and vehicle lights disturbing your pattern, you’re more likely to get a much better night’s sleep.

Above all else, in order to get the best sleep, we recommend making sure your sleep space is as comfortable as possible with our natural latex pillow. This pillow is breathable, keeping you cool as you sleep.

We hope we’ve inspired you to try some natural remedies to get a great night’s sleep! Leave us a comment below if you’ve tried any of them. How will you be celebrating Organic Month?

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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