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Pillow protectors enhance comfort

We all want a comfortable pillow. Different preferred sleeping positions require varying types of pillows, which you can discover in our 'Pillow Guide: What's The Best Pillow For Me'. Regardless of your pillow, you can enhance its comfort with a quilted pillow protector.

Quilted pillow protectors

Whilst comfort is not the primary reason for a pillow protector, ones incorporating quilting into their design certainly add comfort. Including a thicker layer of soft material in the pillow protector adds to the comfort of the pillow for better sleep, and the quilting helps maintain this comfort for many years.

Pillow protectors help allergy sufferers

Are you affected by a dust mite allergy? If so, allergy sufferers will find pillow protectors effective in reducing symptoms, no matter the type of pillow you have.

Anti-allergy pillow protectors

Most pillow protectors are anti-allergy because dust mites are pervasive in our sleeping solutions. Dust mites feed off dead skin cells, which makes your bed one of the most likely places that dust mites will build up. We shed up to 10 grams of skin a week, some of which reside in our pillows.

Pillow protectors stop the build-up of dust mites over time, thanks to the tightly woven cotton or an additional layer of material. Not only will this help reduce your dust mite allergy symptoms, but it will also protect the fillings in your pillow, whether synthetic or natural. The pore sizes of the material fibres typically used in pillow protectors are small, making it virtually impossible for dust mites to pass through.

Protection from bed bugs

Unlike dust mites, bed bugs feed on blood. This makes your bed another great place to be closer to their scarce food source. Whilst a bed bug infestation is common worldwide, it can be reasonably easy to spot early if you are hygienic regarding your sleeping solution. They don't just lay eggs in a mattress but also pillows, sheets and furnishings around your bed. A pillow protector will ensure they won't make your pillow their home.

Do I need a pillow protector if I have an anti-allergy pillow?

The answer to this question comes down to what type of pillow you have. If you use a latex or memory foam pillow, it's much less likely that dust mites will live there. The structure of the pillows makes it much harder for them to pass through or reside inside. With this being said, using a pillow protector will undoubtedly preserve the life span of these types of pillows.

For anyone who has opted for a hypoallergenic pillow filled with synthetic fillings, we suggest using a pillow protector. Their fillings make it much harder for dust mites to pass through than pillows with natural fillings. However, they are much less effective in keeping allergens at bay than latex or memory foam pillows.

Other benefits of pillow protectors

Easy to clean

Keeping your pillows clean is an essential part of hygienic sleeping. It's good practice to regularly wash your pillow protectors, just as you would with your pillowcases. All the pillow protectors we stock are machine washable.


When it comes to the protection of your pillow, it makes sense for it to be waterproof too. Accidental drink spillages to sweat in the night, protecting your pillows from such things will ensure your pillow lasts longer. Find a waterproof pillow protector in our range today.

Come in pairs

No matter what size of bed you sleep on, you likely have more than one pillow. That's why it's super handy that our pillow protectors come in a pair. If you don't use two pillows, it's great to have a spare to switch around when you change your sheets.

Why should I buy from Mattressman?

Besides having the most extensive mattress range in Britain, we offer a fantastic selection of products and bedding for when you update your sleeping solution. From bed frames, duvets, pillows, pillow protectors, sheets, duvet covers, mattress protectors, headboards, kids' beds, and so much more. In addition, our free next-working-day delivery means you can be on your way to a more hygienic sleeping environment in no time.

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