Mattressman’s Best Mattresses of the Year!

Mattressman’s best mattresses of 2019

Has the last year been filled with sumptuous sleep or something like the opposite? Well if you’ve been experiencing the latter, it might be because of your mattress. If you think it’s time for an upgrade, take a look through what we’ve rated the best mattresses of 2019 to be. You never know, you might find the mattress that’s right up your street so better sleep will be en route!

Best soft mattress

Healthopaedic Zero Gravity 1000 Mattress

Price: £505.00 (for double size)

Those who own or prefer a softer tension will understand the perils of finding a good quality softer mattress. This is because softer mattresses are notorious for losing their tension very quickly, which is due to the low tension in the springs. However, you won’t have this problem with Healthopaedic’s Zero Gravity, providing you with long-lasting support, temperature-regulating qualities and of course the sensation of floating on air.

Best firm mattress

Sleepeezee Backcare Supreme 2000 Mattress

Price: £675.00

Sleepeezee, a mattress manufacturer that has its quality demonstrated by two Royal Warrants, is a company that goes above and beyond to provide this service. We believe this is the best firmer mattress of 2019 due to the balance of luxurious fillings, unparalleled support and value for money. This mattress has provided many people with a quality night’s sleep with this firm surface, perfect for those back and front sleepers. Although there was some tough contenders, the Backcare Supreme was our clear frontrunner.

Best budget mattress

Shire Beds Shire Tuft Mattress

Price: £185.00

Budget options can be hard to read: is the price low because it will deteriorate quickly or is it a genuine budget choice? The latter can certainly be applied to the Shire Tuft from Shire Beds, as can be seen by the numerous 5 star reviews that the mattress has obtained on our website. Whilst you may not be receiving some of the luxury qualities, there are still so many attractive attributes that make the value for money their most appealing quality by far.

Best pocket sprung mattress

British Bed Company Hotel Rest Deluxe Mattress

Price: £379.00

Affordable, luxurious and positively pocket sprung – BBC’s Hotel Rest Deluxe is easily our favourite pocket sprung mattress of 2019. Not only can the 1000 pocket springs help promote healthy spine alignment, they also provide a firm surface which is great for back and front sleepers. What really finesses this mattress is the incorporation of natural fillings such as wool and cotton, which don’t detract from the pocket springs and contribute to better temperature regulation – meaning you can say goodbye to sweaty night’s sleep.

Best memory foam mattress

UNO Liberty Mattress

Price: £619.00

The UNO Liberty is a mattress designed for people who are avid lovers of foam. Comprised of a base layer of reflex foam and a generous 90mm layer of memory foam, this mattress is made even more convenient with the vacuum packed delivery that they offer. The Liberty stands out from the crowd due to the innovative technology, durability, breathable qualities and 10 year guarantee that’s offered by UNO. Not only this, but the fact that an all-foam mattress can provide a solid medium firm tension, helping to properly support your back and evenly distribute your weight, is what really makes this a top-quality mattress.


Best of the best mattress

Hypnos Premier Bedstead Mattress

Price: £785.00

After a long deliberation, the Premier Bedstead from Hypnos seemed to be the mattress with the best balance of outstanding support and fantastic comfort for an incredible price. Featuring 1200 pocket springs, layers of breathable wool and polyester and a massive 10 year guarantee, this mattress is clearly built to stand the test of time. With Hypnos being a heritage company it’s not surprising that they’ve mastered the tricks of their trade, as well as being the recipients of many Royal Warrants. We believe these traits put the Premier Bedstead as the best of the best mattress of the year!

Chloe Baxter

*Prices correct at time of publishing 10/01/2020

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