How to clean your duvets and pillows

We can shed up to 10 grams of dead skin every week, and a lot of this will reside in areas where we sit and lay down. Seeing as most of us spend up to eight hours in bed every night, sometimes more, thousands of dead skin cells are in our beds.

What do dead skin cells mean? Dust mites will be around. Luckily these bugs only feed off dead skin, however, this means that mattresses and bedding become a prime location for dust mites to occupy. Therefore it’s definitely good practice to wash your bedding regularly. Carry on reading to find out how best to do yours…

And that rounds up our clean bedding tips! Most people don’t think about the need to clean bedding like this, especially if you regularly change your sheets and covers. However, a single material is often not enough to protect your bedding from the inevitable shedding of skin and dust mites! Has this blog made you more aware of the cleanliness of your bedding? Or do you regularly wash your bedding anyway? We want to know, so let us know in the comments below…

Chloe Baxter

Chloe Baxter

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