How important are headboards?

We talk a lot about mattresses, we even talk about bedding – it’s what we do! Yet when it comes to headboards, it seems that we don’t shout about them enough.

Headboards make beds look attractive and are available in a never-ending combination of styles and fabrics, but do we really need them? And what is their purpose?

We’ve done a little research and discovered a thing or two about headboards, so here are some facts about those fabulous bedroom accessories and what they can add to your sleeping environment.

Create a centrepiece

We’ll start this list with an obvious one – a headboard can really transform your bedroom, as headboards have a great way of serving as a backdrop for your bed, making the space that much more inviting. It’s also great for breaking up large wall spaces, so if minimalism is your thing and you like to keep your walls free of clutter, a headboard can easily add depth to a room without being overpowering. Whatever your taste in decor, with our range, you’re sure to find something to suit any bedroom.

Protect your walls

A headboard acts as a buffer between your pillows and the wall. We spend a large portion of our lives asleep and so it’s not uncommon for hair, sweat and all kinds of other nasties to accumulate in your pillows – and without a headboard, there really is very little protecting your wall against this. Providing you’re keeping on top of your pillow hygiene, this shouldn’t be such an issue – in case you’re wondering, we recommend washing or replacing your pillows every six months!

Headboards offer support

If you’re like many people, you may enjoy reading in bed as part of your bedtime routine, and if so, you’re likely to be familiar with propping up your pillow against the wall for comfort. Headboards can act as an aid for this, particularly fabric ones, which offer a much softer cushion than wooden ones.

Hold on to your pillows!

If you’ve slept on a bed without a headboard, with all the moving around to find your favourite sleep position as well as all the natural fidgeting we do in our sleep, it can sometimes prove difficult to keep your pillows in one place – and that’s where a headboard can prove helpful, to keep your pillows secure during the night and prevent them from falling down the back of the bed!

Accessorising your divan has never been easier and we even offer floor-standing headboards, making fitting them to your base effortless!

Now that you know what a headboard can mean for your sleeping environment, hopefully we have inspired you to consider getting a new headboard! And if you’re interested in buying a new bed frame and you like the look of the winged headboard in the photo above, you can find the Aurora on our website.

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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