How Can I Get A Cooler Night’s Sleep?

How Can I Get A Cooler Night’s Sleep?

It’s a common problem at this time of year- the heatings cranked up, extra duvets are on the bed and hot water bottle is ready and waiting under the sheets.

Although we want to be warm at night, it is quite easy to stray from ‘warm’ into the ‘too hot’ zone, and once this happens, it can be very difficult to get to get to sleep.

The composition of Memory Foam means that it mirrors your body temperature- to mould perfectly to your body, it must heat up to the same temperature that you are.

Though many find this comfortably warm, some people can find that this is too hot, especially in warmer summer months- or even colder months when the heating is on.

Luckily, many manufacturers are aware of this, and so incorporate cooling mechanisms into their products.

Snuggle CharCOOL- The CharCOOL range by Snuggle uses bamboo charcoal to alter the humidity in the air, absorbing and releasing air as needed. This is used in their range of Mattresses, Pillows and Toppers. The cover is infused with bamboo charcoal to regulate the temperature.

Tencel is a natural material, developed from wood pulp cellulose. Super-soft and extremely absorbent, it has the ability to absorb hot, humid air. In fact, duvets made with Tencel and Suprelle (another breathable material) improve moisture intake by 57% compared to a normal duvet. That makes for a cool, and dry sleep.

Knitted Covers – also known as Coolmax cover, Cool Comfort Cover, and Cirrus Airflow, these covers are knitted in such a way that they stretch to the contours of the mattress and the indent that your body makes. The fabric stretches and ‘breathes’ with the body, creating an even airflow throughout the mattress, and allows cooler air to flow through.

is a material derived from tree sap, with natural moulding properties, without the heat that Memory Foam produces. Latex can be natural or man-made, and has is naturally very moulding like Memory Foam, but does not hold heat in the same way and is naturally cool and pliable. Latex Pillows are very popular as the are very soft and supportive, and stay cool throughout the night.

Keep an eye on the blog in the next few days, as we will announce a new product with special cooling qualities…

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