Halloween: five gross facts that you didn’t know about sleep

Whether it’s sleeping with millions of dust mites every night or drooling on to our pillow, we’re all guilty of doing foul things in our sleep, but just how gross do our disturbing habits get whilst we’re in the land of nod?

Halloween is here and we’ve been thinking about how we can celebrate the holiday, so we’ve decided to compile a list of the most disgusting facts about our favourite time of day – bedtime – just in time for you to get some spooktacular sleep tonight!

Probably the most obvious but, we drool

Dribbling, drooling, whatever you prefer to call it, they both mean the same thing and most of us do it whilst we’re catching some ‘zzzs’. When we sleep, the muscles in our face relax, which causes saliva to end up either on our pillows or on our face.

Our eyes produce mucus

When we sleep, our eyes get clogged up with a mixture of dust, natural mucus and skin cells – you probably know it as ‘sleep’ or ‘eye dust’. Tears usually wash away this mixture of debris during the day, however our body can’t produce those tears during sleep, which causes the build-up to stay in our eyes until we wake again.

Bacteria build up in our mouths

Our bodies are unable to produce enough saliva whilst we are asleep to flush out bacteria, which mean they have a tendency to linger and build up on our teeth and tongue during the night.

Your muscles become paralysed

Once we reach a deep stage of REM sleep, our muscles become partially paralysed and we are unable to move our limbs – it has been said that this occurs when we dream to prevent us from moving our arms and legs too vigorously in our sleep, protecting us from injury.

Our bodies hold on to urine

We’re used to going to the toilet every few hours whilst we’re awake, however our kidney function slows down considerably when we’re asleep, meaning we produce less urine – and with the drop in hydration as well, don’t be surprised if you wake up desperate for the toilet.

Don’t let these five gross facts that you didn’t know about sleep ruin your shut-eye though, as they’re all things that we can’t help!

However you sleep, make sure it’s as comfortable as possible with a high-quality bed or mattress, and if you’re struggling with a night-time routine, you can read some of our blogs – they’re full of sleep tips!

What’s the grossest fact you know about sleep? Let us know in the comments.

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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