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Four ways to celebrate Festival of Sleep Day

If this unofficial holiday isn’t in your calendar, it most certainly should be! Festival of Sleep Day means that today, we are encouraged to embrace all things sleep-related – of course, you and I both know that your sleep should be a number one priority every day of the year, but on 3rd January, even more so. Let’s just say, we think you deserve it after all the excitement over the holidays.

Although no one is 100% sure where this holiday sprung up from, we’re certain that most of you would relish the chance for an early night tonight, or at the very least a cat nap.

Just in case work commitments don’t allow for a post-lunch snooze, we’ve come up with a few other ideas for you to celebrate Festival of Sleep Day so you don’t miss out.

Create a sleep haven

Perfect for all the family, how about spending the afternoon making the best pillow fort your home has ever seen? Gather your favourite sheets and your plumpest pillows and throw together a sleep haven for you and your little ones to get cosy in, complete with a good book and leftover treats from Christmas – and whilst you’re there, don’t be afraid to take a mini siesta as after all, that’s what today is for!

Have a pyjama party

Has there ever been a better day of the year to treat yourself to some new pyjamas? We don’t think so. Picking out some truly cosy sleepwear can be just the trick to getting a great night’s sleep, plus they’re fun and not to mention comfortable to dance around living room in; just remember to lie down (and snooze!) as soon as you start to feel dizzy.

Say hello to an early night

It’s the middle of the week, but who wants to go out on a work night in January anyway? Festival of Sleep Day is the best excuse to say “no” to a night on the tiles and “yes” to heading to snoozeville earlier than usual. Make sure you have the best bedtime routine ready tonight so you can enjoy all those extra Z’s. If you’re stuck for inspiration then we have just the tips for you on our recent blog.

Start as you mean to go on

Have you been meaning to switch up your sleep routine or cut out coffee in order to help you sleep? Why not make today the start of things to come? Start off small, by avoiding coffee after 2pm or adding a relaxing activity to your bedtime ritual, for example. Baby steps to improving your sleep will give you the best possible start to 2018.

How will you be celebrating today? Are you planning an extraordinary pillow fort for your living room or is a nap on the cards?

Sleep well!

Kelly Clisby

Kelly Clisby

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