Father’s Day gift ideas

The 17th June is fast approaching, so to thank our dads for sacrificing their sleep when we were all nippers, we’ve put together a list of presents that you can give your dad to make sure he gets the greatest gift of all this Father’s Day: total sleep satisfaction!

A Himalayan salt lamp

Many people believe that Himalayan salt lamps are good for your kip. A lot of it is to do with an idea circulating online about “negative ions”, but the benefits of using a salt lamp are actually far simpler. Red light – as opposed to the blue light emitted by our phones and iPads – has been shown to aid melatonin production, the very hormone that makes you feel sleepy. The soft glow of a salt lamp can also make you feel ready for bed more naturally. Look how cool they are too!

Cotton pyjamas

Many sleep scientists say that the best thing to wear to bed is nothing at all, but seeing as that would mean having to deal with your parents walking about in the buff, we’re going to suggest that you opt for cotton. Cotton is a great material for staying cool at night and feels wonderful against the skin.

A latex pillow

The final addition to our list is Hypnos’ high-profile latex pillow. This high-end pillow is made from irresistibly soft Talay latex. Latex, like cotton, is naturally breathable, so it will keep your dad cool whilst supporting his head and neck with the perfect level of support and pressure relief. If your dad suffers from allergies, you’ll be glad to hear that latex is also hypoallergenic, dust mite resistant and antibacterial.

That was our round-up of Father’s Day gift ideas to get your dad sleeping better. Let us know what you thought in the comments section below and if you’re feeling the pinch this month, remember: a lie-in and breakfast in bed cost nothing.

Sleep well!

James Murray

James Murray

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