Do all mattresses go to mattress heaven?

Unfortunately, the sad fact of the matter is most do not. Many mattresses, approximately 7.5 million a year in fact, will end up piled high on a landfill site. We think the scrapheap is an unfit final resting place for your mattress, especially when there’s a cleaner, greener way to dispose of it.  That’s why we recycle every single mattress, bed frame and divan at Mattressman, with anything that can’t be recycled going directly to energy production or the manufacturing of biomass fuels.

Our low-cost disposal service is one of the only ways that you can ensure your mattress gets the afterlife it deserves. And why wouldn’t you? Your mattress has spent years lovingly supporting you and your partner. If you love doing your bit for the planet, recycling your mattress is definitely the way to go as well.

Here’s how we do it:

First, our friendly delivery staff will come and pick up your old mattress. We then load them all on to a large lorry and transport them to a British recycling centre for treatment. At the recycling plant, the springs are removed and sent to steel mills for reprocessing, any foam is sanitised and repurposed for padding, and contaminated wood or textiles are harvested for energy. It’s that simple! 

Recycling your mattress has many benefits: it doesn’t add to the mountains of waste that already overwhelm our landfill sites, it puts recycled goods back on the market, and it supports sustainable industries across the UK that employ thousands of people!

So, if you want your mattress to go to mattress heaven, don’t take it down the dump – which will still cost you the price of a permit– call your friendly neighbourhood Mattressman and we’ll make sure it goes to a good place.

Sleep well!

N.B: Our disposal service is only available to those living in our local delivery area, which you can learn more about on our website. The service costs £20 per item and we can only collect like-for-like items. Our drivers reserve the right to refuse any item that they deem is soiled.

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