Could too little sleep be hurting your relationship?

Nowadays, spending just five minutes skimming through a magazine or scrolling through Facebook can leave you feeling deflated. Snappily titled quizzes draw you in with the promise of discovering how good you are in bed or what you’re doing wrong in your relationship, but can you improve your love life by simply focusing on you?

Well, fortunately for you sleepyheads, we’ve found a way to do just that! And the solution is far simpler than you might expect: it’s all about sleep and making sure you have enough of it.

A study of 43 couples by Ohio State University found that those who had less than seven hours’ sleep were more likely to engage in hostile arguments. They also found that if just one partner had enough sleep, the arguments were more likely to be constructive and conciliatory.

So, what can you do to make sure you’re getting the best night’s sleep possible with your partner? Here are a few pieces of advice that we think will help:

Set boundaries

Intimacy is great but if it comes at the cost of your shut-eye, it’s not worth it. Designate which side of the bed is yours and try to leave some space between you and your partner. If your partner tends to sprawl out in their sleep, it may be a good idea to invest in a bigger bed – remember, a regular double is 135cm wide, which means it affords each sleeper only 68cm, whereas king size and super king mattresses offer 75cm and 90cm per person respectively.

Think wisely

When assigning sides of the bed, think about the layout of the room. Is your partner particularly sensitive to light? If so, it’s probably sensible to let them sleep on the side of the bed that’s farthest from the window. Likewise, if they get really hot in their sleep, it’s advisable to let them sleep on the side that’s closest to the window.

Split tension 

Some people prefer a firmer mattress while others prefer one that is softer – that’s just the way it is. But at Mattressman, we offer split tension mattresses so that everyone can grab some Z’s in a setting that’s totally tailored to them. Simply ask in-store for more details!

Duvet stealers 

If your loved one is a bit of a nightmare when it comes to hogging the duvet, buy one that’s just for you. This will prevent your partner from pinching your half of the duvet, and you can buy one with a tog rating that’s suited to your needs.

Pocket some extra sleep

Pocket springs move individually, which is handy for couples as the mattress won’t dip in the middle or propagate your partner’s movements. Pocket-sprung mattresses are also ideal for side sleepers as they follow the silhouette of your body much closer.

These tips are all about focusing on you and getting the best night’s sleep possible. Doing so should improve your sleep and help you and your partner to navigate the trials of a loving relationship better.

Sleep well!

James Murray

James Murray

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