Caring for your Mattress

Keeping your mattress in good shape is essential to securing those eight hours a night, but it isn’t as difficult as you may think, so here are our tips for maintaining a healthy, happy mattress.

  • Unwrap your new mattress – take your new mattress from the plastic wrapping straight away. This will give it plenty of time to air out.
N.B. Memory foam is treated with a fire retardant spray. If you purchase an all-foam mattress or one that contains a layer of memory foam, you may notice a slight chemical odour. If so, simply leave your mattress to air in a ventilated room and the odour will dissipate within a matter of days.

  • Allow your bed to breathe – before making your bed each morning, pull back your sheets to allow your bed and mattress to breathe for 20 minutes. This technique will ventilate the mattress, allowing excess moisture to evaporate.

  • Flip and rotate – it is recommended that you flip and rotate your mattress every two weeks in the first three months of its life and every two months thereafter. This will prevent your mattress from losing its shape and will help the fillings to settle evenly. N.B. Single-sided mattresses only require rotating. two-sided mattresses need to be both flipped and rotated.

  • Ban bouncing – in order to keep your mattress looking and feeling its best, avoid jumping on your bed or sitting on the edge. This will prevent it from losing its shape, keeping it at its most comfortable.

  • Hand-brush your mattress – Hand-brush your mattress regularly to maintain a dust-free surface. Do not vacuum as this can pull fibres through the fabric cover.



  • Protect it – a good mattress protector is a must-have when maintaining a healthy mattress. Protectors act as a barrier, shielding against stains and allergens.
Sleep well!

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