Adjusting to the clocks going forward

Daylight saving hours sometimes feel like a blessing or a curse for an array of reasons. This March, we’re putting the clocks forward on the last Sunday of the month which is both good and bad: providing us with more sunlight, but throwing off our internal body clock by losing an hours sleep. This year the hour will be going back on Sunday 28th March, finishing at 2am.

This process affects how our bodies function – mainly irregulating our circadian rhythm, often referred to as the internal ‘body clock’. At certain times throughout the day, our body clocks prompt the release of hormones that make us feel certain ways: hungry, tired, hot, cold, thirsty and of course, tired.

So, when the clocks go forward, we’re essentially forcing our circadian rhythms to adjust to a new schedule. Unfortunately, the hour going forward is much more disruptive than falling back, but we have some top tips for you to ensure that the adjustment process is easier to adapt to…

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Chloe Baxter

Chloe Baxter

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