A five-star service!

Here at Mattressman, we have been delivering better sleep to dreamers across the nation since 2004. We have continued to build upon our reputation as Britain’s biggest online mattress specialist since those humble beginnings, and with the help of our customers and their feedback, we have made some really important improvements to how we operate.

Maintaining a high level of customer service is paramount to a successful business. Our customers continually drive our business forward, which is why we are so proud to have gained a consistent five-star score (9.3/10) on Trustpilot. With that being said, we also understand that there’s always room for improvement, which is why we encourage our customers to provide us with feedback.

At Mattressman, we appreciate complaints and believe that nothing beats a good piece of constructive criticism, because it is our customers’ feedback that propels us forward and allows us to maintain our high level of service. This regular feedback also gives us the knowledge that we need to improve our services and ensure that we don’t make the same mistake twice.

If you’ve got something you’d love to tell us, you can reach out to us via our social media channels or by getting in touch with our customer service team!

Sleep well!

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