3 Interesting and Important Sleep Facts

3 Interesting and Important Sleep Facts

Feeling tired, but don’t have the motivation to stop that important job and schedule in a good night’s sleep? You may feel a little differently after reading these…

24 Hours Without Sleep Has The Same Effect on Decision Making as Drinking Six Glasses of Wine
Sleep Deprivation is known to impair your ability to make decisions, and act as you normally would throughout the day. However, one of the main dangers of sleep deprivation is that people who are sleep deprived are bad at evaluating how impaired they are. This means that the brains ability to assess risk, make sound judgements, and communicate with people will be below par, and chances are you wont even realise.

REM and Non-REM Dreams Differ Greatly
The REM stage of sleep (the deepest) is characterised by strange plots, bizarre and irrational scenes. Non REM Sleep, or lighter sleep, dreams will be tend to be more structured and thought like- often your thoughts will return to their waking patterns, such as thinking about what you need to do the following day, or wondering where you left your keys. The most vivid dreams tend to be in the longest stage of REM, will be often in the early hours of the morning.

Old photograph of man sleeping at a typewriter

Teenagers Body Clocks are Drastically Different to Adults
Because of the heavy duty changes going on in the teenagers body, their sleep patterns will be heavily disrupted. Studies show that Melatonin (the hormone that helps us fall asleep) is usually produced at about 10pm for adults, whereas teenagers produce it much later, around 1am. For this reason, the late sleeping, late rising behaviour shown in teenagers is often not laziness, but simply how their bodies are designed to work through this transitionary time.

These three facts, although seemingly unrelated, are all important factors in our wellbeing, and in understanding the importance of sleep for the whole human race.

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