When’s the best time to shower?

Some of us swear by showering in the morning whilst others persist evening showering is the way to go. But what does science say about the effects of showering at these times? Or more specifically, are there benefits and drawbacks to our sleep when we bathe in the evening? This is what our blog is going to be exploring today!

Generally, the consensus is that showering or bathing at night has more health and sleep benefits when compared to the morning. This being said, if you’re used to doing so in the morning and prefer this routine, switching to night-time bathing may not be for you. Ultimately, this is how you can benefit from showering and bathing in the evening…

  • Helps you fall asleep quicker

Whilst a hot shower or bath will temporarily raise our temperature, it actually serves to cool us down once you’re dry. Our internal body clocks release hormones close to our bedtime that ensures our body temperature drops by about a degree, making us feel tired. Having a shower at 1 to 2 hours before going to sleep can help this process, pushing you to feel sleepy and hopefully nod off quicker than usual.

  • Good for brighter and healthier skin

Not only does showering help open and clean your pores, doing so in the evening helps remove the toxins and oils that have built up throughout the day. If you prefer to shower in the morning, it’s still a good idea to wash your face in the evening for this reason.

  • Improves sleep quality

Studies have shown that bathing at night prompts various bodily functions to make you feel sleepy. When compared to those who showered in the morning, the studies revealed that night-time bathers experienced high quality of sleep and felt more refreshed.

Now we know more about the benefits of night-time showering, we should delve into the hot or cold shower debate…

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Chloe Baxter

Chloe Baxter

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