Tips for a comfortable night’s sleep this Summer


This warm summer weather is great for BBQs and family fun, with everyone in good spirits and enjoying the fresh air – but it’s not always that great when it comes to bedtime…

It can be a struggle to fall asleep in the summer, so we’ve come up with a few ideas to help you get a good night’s kip in the heat:

  • Keep your curtains and blinds closed in the day to stop the sunshine getting in, keeping your room cool for bedtime
  • Try not to eat or drink alcohol too late as this can make it difficult to get to sleep
  • Avoid getting sunburnt as it’ll make sleeping an even more difficult task
  • Take a cool shower before bed – be careful not to go too cold though!
  • Use cotton sheets to let the air circulate.
  • Open your window to let the fresh air in – if it’s too loud to sleep with the window open, invest in some earplugs.
  • Stick a fan on to circulate the air in your bedroom.
  • Get a thin, low-tog duvet to stop you from overheating.
  • Get a nice, cooling mattress – one that wicks moisture away from the body will help to regulate your temperate.
  • Try to lie still so you don’t create additional heat.
  • Wear cotton PJs to let your skin breathe and keep you cool.
  • Turn over your pillow half way through the night to benefit from the cool side.
  • Keep a glass of water by your bedside in case you wake up thirsty.

If you try to follow these top tips, fingers crossed you’ll sleep sweetly, even in the height of summer!

For advice on what sheets, duvets and mattresses to get for a great night’s sleep,
get in touch with the team at Mattressman – our sleep experts will be more than happy to help in-store and online.

Sleep well!

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